Yeh Hai Mohabatein- Will Arijit’s plan fail this time?

Yeh Hai Mohabatein on Star Plus is running quite an intriguing track at the moment where it seems like the vile Arijit’s cunning conspiracies will soon come out in the open. The evil man has held hostage Raman and Ishita both in his clutches in two separate places and is trying to give them more troubles with his never-ending plotting and evil acts. He has been using Ishita’s phone to mislead the family of her whereabouts and well being and likewise he has been drugging Raman to make him stay quiet in his captivity.



So, how will he be discovered in the upcoming track? The fresh and exclusive spoilers given to us by our special sources at the sets are going to reveal the answer to this question. Going by the spoilers, in the upcoming episode, Arijit will get a call while he is with Karan. He will pick up the call to answer to it in front of Karan and then Karan will recognize the phone. The phone is the same he had given to Ishita. Seeing the phone in Arijit’s hand will make him feel suspicious of Arijit.


To confirm his suspicion and to ensure everything is good with Ishita, Karan will visit Ishita’s mental asylum. It is certain that he won’t find her there. So, what step will he take after that? It will be interesting to watch this out.
On the other hand, Ruhi will come up with a plan to trap Arijit. As the episode progresses, we will get to see a nurse asking Mihika and Simi to leave the hospital, but both will get a surprise chit with Ishita’s name written on it. Tune in for more surprising turn of events. Keep this space abuzz for more updates.