Yeh Hai Mohabatein- will Ishita be able to help Raman in getting back to his old self?

Star Plus’s long-run hit show Yeh Hai Mohabatein on aired its maha episode recently where Raman went on to take care of his business front and his dream project despite suffering from partial amnesia and having a different face and voice after the surgery.
The investors and the other people associated with the project are making it difficult for Raman and Ishita by trying to pull back their support because they can not believe that the person standing ahead of them is in fact, Raman. They chose not to trust what has transpired in Raman’s life and he is alive and back with a different face as well as a voice with most of his memories gone. Ishita, however, is trying her best to help Raman get back at his feet and remember everything that he has lost the memories of. Then there is the story of Arijit who wants vengeance form Raman and Ishita at any cost.
Now according to the spoilers, it is not only going to be Arijit who will make it difficult for Raman and Ishita to keep up the project. Their children will also doubt on Raman’s identity. In the upcoming episode, Ishita and Simi will get shocked by Raman’s odd demand. Karan will add some chemical at Raman’s water and will offer him that. Meanwhile, Ishita will bring Haldi milk for Raman. Karan will inform Yug and Ruhi that their plan has failed. Yug will tell Karan that if he is real Raman then their plan will hurt him and the entire family.
Still, Karan will spike Raman’s drink and Ishita will rebuke Karan for drugging Raman. Keep tuning to the show and do follow us for more interesting spoilers and updates from the show.