Yeh Hai Mohabattein- more conspiracies, more drama!

The show is never stopping to create more buzz in the tinsel town with its forever hot and happening drama quotient. Yeh Hai Mohabaatein- the name is enough for generations to get hooked on tv screen while it airs. Much has been happening in the show up recently with one of the prominent villains in the show going down to the jail because of truthful relentless efforts form the protagonists. But have Sahil’s villainous deed really come to an end? Or has he really gone down? It doesn’t look like that. With all the conspiracies going in the show from his sidekicks and supporters, it will be long before his drama will finally come to an end. Raman and Ishita will still have to face a ton of troubles to defeat this devil is what we can speculate from the current track of the show.
On the other side, Ishita now has to deal cunningly with the cunning side of Neha as well. As Neha intends to create a barrier between Yug and Alia without a clear motive, Ishita is forced to fake support her in front of everyone so she could crack what intentions are behind Neha’s cunning false acts. She instructs Simmi to keep a close eye to Neha and try finding out her real motive behind troubling the family. These ladies still have to protect Aliya from this cunning lady even though they know Aliya will certainly be jealous and doubtful after their open support to Neha.
The interesting part of the story doesn’t end here though. The best one is yet to come. In an upcoming scene of the show, Ruhi will get an alarming message about Raman which might be linked to Shamshad’s plan of killing Raman. All the Bhalla family members will be worried about Raman’s safety.
Keep watching the show for more intriguing drama. Keep buzzing us for more updates.