Yeh Hai Mohabattein: Natasha claim rights on Raman!

Yeh Hai Mohabattein will see a shocking twist ahead.
So far in the episode, it is seen Karan and Ruhi get engaged. Sudha performs the Roka ceremony of Ruhi and KARAN.

Sudha asks Raman and Ishita to sit for the pooja. A lady gate crash Bhalla house and gets angry on Ishita for sitting. Bhalla’s gets stunned hearing the lady and ask her who is she. Ishita says to the lady that he is Raman her husband but the lady claims that Raman is not Raman but her husband Shardul. Natasha’s sister supports Natasha and says that he is not Raman but Shardul. Here Arijit records the video and sends to Bhuvan and ask him to inquire about the man.

Now in the upcoming episode will see after Natasha will claim a right on Raman, Raman will suffer a panic attack.

Natasha will stun the Bhallas with her revelations, she will inform the Bhallas that she had filed a missing complaint at the Police station. Inspector will confirm her claim and will tell that yes she had filed a complaint with them. Meanwhile, Raman will tell that this doesn’t prove that he is her husband later will suffer a panic attack.

Later, shocking facts about Raman’s surgery will come to light. It will be interesting to watch what more will happen in the show.

Do Raman is hiding something? Do Natasha is planning against Bhalla’s or saying the truth? Will Raman be able to prove himself?

Do Bhalla’s will start doubting Raman? Well, to know more keep watching Yeh Hai Mohab