Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th September 2019 Written Update:- Yug in trouble, gets blamed for Mishra murder

The episode starts with Ishita saying about Raman’s drama with Natasha and worries for him. She says that Raman’s self-confidence is so weak that Natasha makes use of it. Yug says to her about them trying to locate Dr. Mishra and asks her not to worry. They both go to sleep.

Next morning Ruhi urges Raman to message Natasha for another date and Raman denies doing so. He is still in the trauma of last day’s incident and fears meeting her. However Ishita herself messages Natasha from Raman mobile. Natasha reads the message but doesn’t reply. They all fears that if Natasha started suspecting them and decides to wait for some time for her reply.

Yug calls Karan and asks if he found anything about Dr. Mishra. Karan says that his mother tried all possible ways but none of his colleagues seems to be aware of Mishra’s disappearance. Yug gets tensed and suggests Karan to break into Mishra’s home and get Natasha’s case file. However Karan is against it as they may get caught and their plan may backfire. But Yug stands adamant as he couldn’t stand his Ishimaa’s pain. Karan understands him and asks him not to worry. He says that he’ll find his residential address and then they both will go to his place and check with permission. He asks him to not take any decision in haste and Yug agrees.

Everyone are having breakfast while Ishita is lost. Raman asks for water and Ishita spills it in panic. Yug sees his Ishimaa worried.

Arjit calls Natasha but she’s still sleeping. She cuts his call but he calls her again. Natasha scolds him for disturbing her sleep and Arjit gets upset at her for sleeping at such a crucial time. He asks if Raman messaged her and she said that he did but she didn’t reply. Arjit gets furious on her but Natasha replies without any tension. She says that it’s her game and she’ll play it in her way and cuts the call. Arjit gets very angry on her and decides to deal with her once he settles scores with Raman. HE gets Ishita’s message about project discussion and forwards it to Natasha. Karan and his mom are in car and his mom still couldn’t find anything about the doctor. She then gets a call and gives him the good news of them getting the doctor’s address and Karan gets happy.

Raman too gets a message from Natasha for lunch and informs it to his family. Yug gets Karan’s call about doctor address and Arjit hears it. Yug sends Raman home and decides to visit the doctor’s house. Dr. Mishra asks Yug to meet him to discuss about Natasha. Karan sees Yug’s message and gets worried. Yug reaches Mishra’s house and knocks it but finds it open. He enters to find Dr. Mishra’s cries. He finds Dr. Mishra stabbed on floor. He removes the knife but the doctor dies. Karan and everyone witness it. They blame him for murder.

Precap: Police arrests Yug. Natasha mixes something in Raman’s drink.