Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th September 2019 Written Update:- Police arrests Yug and Natasha spikes Raman’s drinks.

The episode starts with everyone blaming Yug for the murder. Police come and checks Dr. Mishra and asks who killed him. Everyone blames Yug and Yug keeps repeating that it’s not him. However, police drag him away while Karan stands helpless. Arjit calls Natasha about Raman and her date. He asks proof that he’s Shardul and not Raman and Natasha agrees. Arjit asks what her plan that could prove her right is. Natasha says that she will give alcohol to him and he himself will confess the truth. Arjit asks her to be careful but Natasha brushes it off. She says that she doesn’t care who he is as she just wants his face.

Natasha goes to her brother and informs him about her plan. She says that she’ll spike Shardul’s drink and will take him to Mumbai. From that, she’ll use his face to get the diamonds. Sunil says that he’ll arrange tickets for her journey but worries a bit. However, Natasha assures him that everything will go well and asks him not to worry.

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ये है मोहब्बतें 19 सितंबर 2019 लिखित अपडेट :- पुलिस ने युग और नताशा को गिरफ्तार किया और

Aliya and Simmy come to the restaurant and finds Raman standing alone. Simmy calls him asks him to meet her at the parking lot. Raman says that Natasha hasn’t arrived yet and worries for their plan. He decides to back off and Aliya supports him. They call Ishita and informs her of the same and Ishita agrees. However, Raman decides to proceed with the plan after hearing Ishita’s words. He assures Aliya and Simmy that he could do it. Ruhi assures Ishima of the same.

Raman waits in the restaurant. Yug is still arguing with the police of his innocence but people are still blaming Yug of the murder. Police orders to seal the room and arrests Karan. Yug tries explaining to him that he’s innocent. He says that he called him here for saying the truth but found him in this condition. Karan says that Yug can’t do this but Police says that there are so many high witnesses against him.

Natasha meets Raman and hugs him while Raman gets uncomfortable. She gets cozy with him and Raman apologizes her for last day’s behavior. Natasha asks him to forget it as it’s not his mistake and asks him to forget it. She orders drinks for them and Raman decides against it as he’s in medication. However, Natasha convinces him to have juice.

Ishita gets Karan’s call informs about Yug’s arrest. He informs about what happened and Ishita says that she’s coming. Natasha spikes Raman’s drinks and both Aliya and Simmy fail noticing it. Raman hesitates to drink the juice. Ishita calls Raman and informs about Yug’s arrest. Natasha tries stopping him and Raman convinces her and leaves immediately. Natasha follows him and Simmy too gets Raman’s message. She drags Aliya with her. Arjit reads Yug’s murder news and gets happy.

Ishita requests Police to let her meet Yug but Police sys that they need Court’s permission to meet him. Arjit gets happy seeing Bhallas in pain.

Precap: Arjit discuss with his men about framing Yug in the case while Yug’s lawyer asks Karan to lie for Yug.