Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd September 2019 Written Update:- Aliya shows cold shoulder to Karan and Arjit’s evil move

Aliya sees Yug at home and gets happy. She hugs him and gets emotional. Ishita asks the person who bailed him out and Arjit says that it’s him who bailed him out. Aliya thanks Arjit for his help and Karan enters.
Karan asks about Yug getting bail and Aliya responds him coldly. Arjit takes his leave. He comes out and gets happy with the way things got shaped up. He decides to deepen the rift further. Natasha asks a tensed Sunil to call his mom and he does so. He sees something on his mobile and gets shocked. Being tensed he breaks his mobile. Natasha scolds him for it.

In the meantime in the Bhalla’s family, Karan says that he has called the lawyer and he’s on his way. Sudha doubts on Arjit and Raman agrees with her but they just let me to for time being. The lawyer comes and discusses Yug getting bailed. Aliya calls the lawyer inside to discuss the case and indirectly taunts Karan once again for not believing Yug. Ishita asks her to discuss everything in front of everyone but Aliya denies doing so. Ishita tries explaining Aliya but in vain. Ruhi too tried explaining Aliya but she fails to listen to her. However, Ishita gives up finally and agrees to discuss the case in private with Aliya and Yug and leaves the room.

Ruhi gets angry at Aliya for her behavior but Sudha consoles her. She says that Aliya is angry right now and asks her to give her some time. Yug asks Aliya that why they are not discussing the case in front of everyone. Aliya responds that not everyone believes that he’s innocent. Ishita tries explaining Aliya but Aliya dodges it. The lawyer asks Yug to explain whatever happened and he explains everything. Arjit is with Neha and explains about how he trapped Yug in the murder case. He assures her to destroy Bhallas completely.

He hears some noise outside and goes to check on it. He finds a lady shouting at the receptionist for giving her husband’s address to his murderer. He asks about her and she reveals herself to be Dr. Mishra’s wife. Arjit decides to make use of the situation and acts in front of her. Arjit says that he knows her husband’s murderer. She asks for his name and address and he says that he’ll give but asks her to not reveal his name to others. She agrees for the same.

Ruhi wants to go in but Sudha stops her. She tries explaining followed by Mihika and Karan too but she is too angry to listen to anyone. She blames Karan for the misunderstanding and Karan leaves angrily. Lawyer takes his leave and Aliya asks him to call her in future.

Precap: Natasha blames Yug for killing her doctor and Ishita gets the shocked hearing it. Ishita asks how she knew about it. Mrs. Mishra scolds Yug in front of whole media and swears to punish him.