Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th September 2019 Written Update:- Mansi creates a scene in front of media and slaps Yug

The episode starts with Aliya asking Lawyer to call her in case if he needs to discuss something about the case. Ishita having had enough of her tantrums questions her for her behavior. Aliya says that not everyone in the family believes Yug. Yug also tries explaining her but Aliya fails to listen. She blames Karan for not taking their side even in such a bizarre condition. Ishita takes Karan side and says that he didn’t do anything wrong and just said what happened in the crime scene.

While they are arguing Natasha enters the place and claps her hand. Arjit brainwashes Mansi completely and instigates her against the Bhalla’s. She thanks him and agrees to follow whatever he says and leaves. Arjit gets happy and calls media to reach Bhalla house for sensational news. He then calls Natasha and Sunil picks it up and informs about Natasha visiting the Bhallas. He gets angry and asks Sunil to stop Natasha and bring her back.

Ishita asks Natasha that why she’s here. Simmy lashes at her and asks her to leave the house. Natasha denies leaving and Simmy and Natasha have a fight. Sunil intervenes and tries stopping Natasha but she doesn’t listen. Natasha mocks Ishita’s family for being a murderer of her doctor. They get shocked and asks how did she gets to know about when media itself is unaware of it. Natasha gets caught and tries covering up. Sunil is about to leave but Simmy stops them and asks them of the same. Natasha says that she’s keeping a watch on them and those fumes. Ishita decides to inform Police about Natasha for stalking them. Natasha panics when the security informs Bhallas about a lady shouting for Yug downstairs.

They come down to see Mansi shouting furiously at them and keeps asking for Yug for her husband’s justice. Ruhi tries stopping Yug but he steps forward himself as he’s not at fault at all. Media also comes there shocking the family while Natasha watches it hiding. Arjit calls Natasha who reveals that it’s his plan and asks her to video call so that he can enjoy their suffering.

Mansi scolds Yug for killing her husband while he tries explaining to her that he’s not at fault. In the meantime, Ruhi scolds media for covering it. In fury, Mansi slaps Yug and everyone gets shocked. She swears to punish him for her husband’s death. Aliya tries explaining her too but she scolds her as well as curses her to be in the same situation as hers in the future. Karan is angry and Sudha tries explaining to him that Aliya is just angry. Karan says about Ruhi not trusting him too when they hear in radio about the news of Yug. They leave to Bhalla house. Mansi keeps shouting but Karan steps in and informs that he’s a prime witness and Yug is innocent. Police take Mansi away and Yug thanks Karan and hug.

Precap: Yug’s lawyer says Mansi that her husband’s murderer is right hand while Yug is left-handed. Arjit brainwashes Mansi to have a murder for murder