Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th September 2019 Written Update:- Yug’s life in danger with Arjit’s evil move

The episode starts with Arjit instructing Bhuvan that Mansi doesn’t have the gut to shoot Yug. He asks him to shoot Yug instead of her as he has given the same gun to him. He warns him to not make any mistake and asks him to make use of Mansi anger. He says Neha that now Raman and Ishita will realize the pain of losing their child. Ishita realizes that Yug left the phone at home and gets worried. Raman and Ruhi keep calling her but she doesn’t respond. Ruhi shakes her coming back to reality and Raman calls both inside the room to have a talk. Raman asks Ishita why’s she worried and Ishita says about what happened. They panic for Yug and worries about his safety. They decide to leave in search of him lying to family.

Ruhi, ishita, and Raman meet Karan downstairs and inform about the same. They inquiry security and decodes that it’s a trap for Yugi. Karan calls his mom and enquires about the nursing home and his mom says that it’s not in function. They understand that someone is trying to frame Yugi once again and rushes to save him. Sunil hears everything and on forms Natasha about it. Natasha says that that’s the reason Arjit asked him to puncture yug’s care. Sunil gets hyper and urges her to leave the place immediately as Arjit is dangerous and may frame them. Natasha shuts him off saying that he just punctured a car and didn’t do any murder and leaves. Sunil still behaves tensed.

Yug reaches the place and feels weird seeing it. He wonders about the cab driver leaving without even taking money. He enters inside and calls out for Vishal but the place seems to be empty. Yug feels strange when he hears someone calling for him. He reaches to find Mansi there and gets shocked. He understands that it’s a trap by Mansi. Mansi says that he killed her husband brutally and now it’s his turn to die. He is about to explain but Mansi point gun in front of him. She asks him to close the door and he does so. Bhuvan watches it hissing behind Mansi.

Yug tries explaining her but she doesn’t listen. Arjit asks Bhuvan to turn on the Bluetooth video and he does so.  Karan along with Ishita, Raman, and Ruhi reaches the place and hears Mansi voice. They break open the door and gets shocked seeing Mansi with the gun. Arjit in Bluetooth provokes Mansi to kill Yug but she shivers. Arjit asks Bhuvan to shoot and he does so but Ishita comes in between and gets shot. They get shocked and rushes her to the hospital.

Ruhi shouts at Mansi for shooting her Ishi maa and calls there police while Mansi is still in shock Bhuvan calls Arjit and apologize for shooting Ishita. Arjit praises him for doing a better job and asks him to escape from there. He gets extremely happy.

Precap: Ishita is brought to the hospital and Ruhi informs the family of the same.