Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th August 2019 written update:- Raman Proves His Identity

The episode begins with yug asking Sudha not to separate Karan and Ruhi. Sudha says why would I do that? She says the one you’re saying to be your Raman Papa is a fraud. Sudha accuses Ishita of having an affair with that person. Ruhi lashes out at Sudha. She says she can refuse the alliance of her and Karan but she won’t stand any allegations against her Ishi Ma and Papa. Karan tells Sudha that she can leave but he will stay with them. Raman tells Simmy that Sudha is making everyone doubt his identity. He asks how he can prove he’s Raman. Ishita says they have to do something, neither will she lose nor let him.

Media comes to cover the issue. Yug and Karan try to stop them but they accuse Raman of fooling investors. Arijit asks who could’ve called the media, Karan says he doesn’t know but it will surely agitate the guests. Minister tells Karan that Sudha is right. Karan says If Ishita says that person is Raman then he is. Sudha tells Karan he’s blind to believe that and he will have to cut his relation with her. Minister says he can’t work with a person he can’t trust and hence the project will get shelved. Mani asks Sudha why she’s making this a big issue and asks the minister to reconsider his decision.

Raman tells Minister that he can leave if he wants but if the Project gets shelved, it would also leave his childhood dreams unfulfilled. Raman tells about the Minister’s dream of starting the project in his village so that its people get can get jobs. Raman asks them to trust the project if not him. He requests the minister not to shatter the dream they hoped to fulfill together. Minister says that he was told Raman doesn’t remember anything. Raman says he’s tired fighting against himself that he can’t fight against anyone now. Raman tells Sudha that his face is a stranger and he hates it. But it’s only Raman Bhalla within him. He says he always kept his promises and reminds her of capturing Sahil for killing Rohan. Raman tells Sudha that the hatred for Ruhi will cost her lot. Ishita asks Sudha how she cannot believe this is Raman. Ishita asks whether she thinks anyone else can care for Ruhi and Karan this way than Raman. Sudha says there could be only one person who’s more stubborn than her and that is Raman. She agrees that he is Raman Bhalla. She tells the Minister that he won’t get a more capable person than Raman for the Project.

The minister apologizes to Raman but he says there’s no need for that. The minister assigns the project to Raman and everyone applauds. Arijit is infuriated. Karan asks Sudha to stop hugging him as isn’t a school going kid anymore. Sudha says she’s meeting him after a long time and he can’t understand a mother’s feelings. Ishita asks Raman how he recollected all that. Raman says he doesn’t know how it happened but at that moment’s many things were coming back to his memory. Ishita says it’s good to sign that Raman has started to recollect many things from the past.

Sudha apologizes to Raman for what she did. She says Raman would’ve lost the project because of her. Raman asks her not to say sorry and that anyone in her place would’ve reacted the same way. He thanks her saying because of her he could recollect many things from the past and prove his identity. Arijit gets angry watching the news where the reporter says about Raman Clearing the doubts of people regarding his identity. Bhuvan asks him why he didn’t do anything. Arijit swears to not spare Raman. Karan asks Sudha whether he has to go to their home. She says she has come back so he has to. Mihika says we will miss you. Ishita asks them to stay. Karan says he’ll run away with Ruhi if Sudha doesn’t agree for the wedding. Ruhi denies doing so. Sudha tells Karan to learn from her. She agrees to their alliance. Karan hugs Sudha and says he loves her. Sudha says she’s lucky to have Ruhi as her daughter in law. Mihika says she’ll get sweets. Mrs. Bhalla says to call pandit to fix the date for the wedding.

Precap. Arjit goes to meet Neeti. Pandit says tomorrow is good Muhurat for Roka.