Yeh Hai Mohabbatein- a big twist in the tale that will shock everyone!

Here are the exclusive spoilers on the upcoming huge twist in Star Plus’s Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. The show is going to thrill all the audiences this week with its shocking twist in store. So, what is the big twist? Follow us to the end in this report to know the big news.
In the recent episode of the show, we saw the Bhalla family dishearteningly sending off Raman’s to his urgent business need in Mumbai despite the fact that the family was in the middle of wedding rituals for Aliya and Yug. Raman has moved out of the house for taking the flight to Mumbai and here the family will resume the wedding procedure. Aliya and Yug will tie the knot without any issues amidst love and happiness booming in everyone’s heart in the family. The elders will bless the couple and everyone will wish for a great marital life ahead for them. The family will miss Raman’s presence and be a little sad that they had to do it without him.
Right here will enter the huge shocking twist. It is reported that the plane Raman was supposed to take to his flight to Mumbai has crashed on its way. The news will soon reach the family and they will be devastated hearing about that. This is definitely an unexpected and life turning twist for the show and its fans. There is going to be a lot of pressure build up after this track in the show. Has Raman really been into the plane crash? How will Ishita and the rest of the family handle this news? How will this twist change the upcoming storyline? Tune into the show to know it all. Keep following us for more updates.

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