Yeh Hai Mohabbatein- Arijit is going to play a diabolical joke on Ishita!

In our earlier report, we told that Ishita is going to get an anonymous text on her mobile in Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Hai Mobhabbatein. She will assume the text to be from Raman and again be hopeful that Raman has not died yet. But it seems like this is going to be just a prank pulled on her by Arijit. Arijit is the new vamp in Ishita’s life who is hell-bent on getting her into troubles. The newly arrived spoilers suggest that Arijit has played a diabolical joke on Ishita.

However, our speculation also ponders around the thought that Raman might actually be alive and it will only be a matter of time before he comes out from where he has been captured. Meanwhile, when Ishita excitedly tells the family that she has got a message from Raman mentioning his soon to return to the home.

The family will feel very sorry to Ishita and emotional about having to lose their Raman in such a tragic incident. Shagun will try to make things clear and she will tell Ishita about calling back to the same number she received a message from. The family on the side will worry about Ishita and her mental health.

Later in the upcoming track, after Ruhi fights off with Karan now its turn for Aliya to be in her opposition. The family is already in trouble with managing the relationships after the decisions regarding Raman’s dream project faced different opinions on each side. The argument between Aliya and Ruhi can jeopardize the relationship they share with Yug and ultimately affect the family in a negative way.

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