Yeh Hai Mohabbatein- Is Raman really dead? Or not?

Yeh Hai Mohabatein, the show that has been ruling the screens for over years on Star Plus is still capable of continuing to capture hearts of millions of fans due to its constant twists and turns in the story. It captivates the audience’s attention with superbly written dramatic events that are fast-paced in nature and more often than not unpredictable and surprising. One such huge surprise awaits all the viewers in the upcoming episodes and the news of which is brought to you exclusively by our website.

The exclusive source on the sets of the show has given us the spoilers for the coming episode and they are definitely mind-blowing. In the first part of the episode, the show will move forward with some mundane issues. Yug and Karan who are jointly managing the dream project that Raman has left behind will fall into an argument regarding the presentation on the project. Yug is now the head of the project despite Karan’s dissatisfaction.

Now they will be more on disagreement on how to shape up the project. Meanwhile, on another scene, Aliya will support Karan against Aliya in an argument. This is sure going to hurt Aliya and the possibilities of debate amongst the family members are going to increase. Furthermore, towards the end of the episode, the most exclusive twist in the tale will take place. This twist will raise doubts on whether Raman died in the plane crash or did he survive somehow.

In the upcoming episode, Ishita will receive an anonymous text. The text will change the whole family environment as Ishita will tell the family that this text is from nonother than Raman himself. Alia and Yug will be shocked by hearing it. Tune in for more updates and news.