Yeh Hai Mohabbatein- Karan and Yug to indulge in a fight!


After Raman’s death in Star Plus’s Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, the Bhalla family are just overcoming this tragic moment in their life and starting their normal life ahead. Though Ishita is still in a state where she is not ready to let her husband go, other family members are now trying to find semblance for themselves and her as well. Meanwhile, Karan has decided to help out them in the need and protected Raman’s project as well as business from going to be scrapped.

However, in the upcoming episode, we will witness Karan and Yug indulging in a fight over some issues with the business and family. They will lock horns with each other with their difference in opinions which will end up in a huge fight later on. Ishita is going to be puzzled with how odd the family has been behaving. A lawyer will come to the Bhalla house to read aloud Raman’s will. This brings an interesting point in the show as what the will contains will decide what sort of familial relationship will be there in the future.

As we reported earlier, Shagun demands that Mani take Ishita to a psychiatrist to seek asylum for her mental delusions but here Mani will tell off Shagun and declare that he will stand by Ishita’s side no matter what. Hearing about Mani all ready to support Ishita once again, Shagun will get very upset.

Later as the episode progresses, Arijit Sakena will visit the Bhallas and here Karan will doubt about his intentions. This is all the spoilers we have got from our sources on the set. It is palpable that lots of things are taking place in the show making it more interesting.

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