Yeh Hai Mohabbatein- Raman and Ishita to fight against Sahil through law again!

In Star Plus’s Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, it seems like Sahil is finally going to go down. He is having a hard time coming up with truthful and legal battle Raman and Ishita are pulling on to him. After he escaped from jail, he wanted to flee the country as soon as possible. But that couldn’t be possible as he got to know about Shaina being alive and trying to help police and the Bhallas to hunt him down. In a desperate attempt to quiet her down, he abducts her and tries killing her. But Raman and Ishita become successful to outwit him there and save Shaina from his clutches. Now Raman and Ishita will bring forth their ingenious plan to get him rearrested. They have found an important witness to back up against Sahil in the court so they will execute their plan to get him arrested as soon as possible.

Will Sahil go down so easily though? Well! Looking at his criminal history and cunningness, we are not that sure. In the upcoming sequence, as Raman and Ishita will play their trump card to make sure he goes down, he will again come up with some ideas to outsmart them. Its again going to be who is going to win over whom? This time, though, he has already gone off limits by running out of the jail so he might be finally losing to their truthful stance and the law. Its high time his crimes and evil deeds has to stop. Ever since he came in their lives, he has given lots of pain to every one of them. So, let’s hope this is really an end for him.

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