Yeh Hai Mohabbatein- Raman’s last rituals!


This time again the Bhalla family’s happiness didn’t last long in Star Plus’s Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. The family who was celebrating the marital union between Aliya and Yug just moments ago have now been drowned in the sorrows of losing Raman in the plane crash. The shocking news of Raman’s death in a plane crash as he went to the flight for his trip to Mumbai has hit the family really hard and made everyone miserable. The marriage ceremony got ruined by the news and all of the family members are in deep pain hearing the news.

The always strong Ishita is not able to come to terms with this news. She is still in the phase of denial as she will not accept the fact that her husband has left her side. In the upcoming episode, we will witness an emotionally disheveled Ishita not accepting that Raman has died in a crash. Bala and Mani will tell her the news and persuade her to come to terms with the truth but she will be adamant on refusing to believe the news. She will insist that nothing has happened to her Raman. She will tell everyone not to believe the news as she would know if something has happened to her Raman. This is going to be a very emotional episode where fans will once again have to go through an emotionally charged Ishita trying to find her semblance.

In the next sequence, the family will call a Pandit for performing the last rites for Raman for sending him off peacefully. Ishita will see the Priest entering the house. When she Realizes why the priest is there, she will lose her cool and have an outbreak. Keep tuning to the show. Follow us for more updates on your favorite shows.

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