Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – Sahil to be arrested again!

In Star Plus’s Yeh Hai Mohabbatein the police will be finally successful in arresting Sahil after he escaped from the custody not so long ago. This time Sahil’s tricks to outsmart Ishita and Raman will fail hopelessly, and he will be back in the custody once again. Raman and Ishita’s trump card and the witness will put him behind the bars once again. But has the battle come to an end for them? Maybe not. As one lawyer will put his foot forward to help Sahil. Will that lawyer be able to turn the case around? Will Sahil be out again and devise more evilness?
The story forth will be showcasing these in detail in upcoming episodes. As of now, its again a quiet and rejoiceful time for the Bhalla family again along with Raman and Ishita. Raman and Ishita will bring Shaina and Samar home after Sahil gets arrested and Shaina proves to be strong evidence of his crimes and wrongdoings. Now it is up to them to protect Shaina and her baby from the malicious clutches of Sahil and his men. She is going to play a vital role in keeping Shahil behind the bars for a long time and serve him the best punishment he deserves. Therefore, Raman and Ishita will keep her and her kid in their house so that she could be better protected.
In the upcoming episode, there will be some happy moments in the Bhalla family as well. As Karan and Ruhi are falling deeper in love with every passing second, the show will have some romantic moment in store for the fans who ardently hoot for this pair. They will be seen sharing a lovely moment together in the forthcoming episode. Follow us for news and updates from your favorite shows.