Yeh Hai Mohabbatein- troubles are back knocking on Bhalla family’s door!

In our earlier issue, we reported that there is some strange spy soon entering the Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein who will secretly follow Ishita’s steps. The matter with the spy is not yet revealed fully and there is another big twist going to occur in the show soon. Our source from the sets tells us that the happy moments of Bhalla family concerning the beginning of pre-wedding rituals for Aliya and Yug will be cut short. There will be a call for Raman to which he will have to go to Mumbai for taking care of some business. The whole family rejoicing the auspicious occasion will feel sad that he has to leave halfway through the celebrations. Aliya will be the most disheartened.

However, Raman will take her in his arms and promise he will soon be back that they won’t even notice he has been gone. Aliya tries her best to stop him but he will tell her he is not happy either about the situation. Still, he has to be there to take care of everything and he will finally make her nod to his departure.

Here, comes the upcoming big twist in the tale- our source told us- there is huge trouble making its way to Raman’s life. As soon as he moves to go to Mumbai for the work he will be in serious danger. What danger it is to knock on the Bhalla house this time? you will have to wait for the show to unfold the suspense. On the other hand, Ruhi will accidentally lose Aliya’s bangles for the wedding which will leave everyone panicking and worried.

Keep tuning into the show for spicy twists.

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