Yeh Hai Mohabbatein- Will Arijit trick the Bhallas to find truth about Raman?

In an extremely dramatic episode recently, Star Plus’s longest-running show Yeh Hai Mohabatein portrayed a terrifying plot onscreen as Raman got into an accidental fall from too high up. Though Ishita was quick and witty to assess the situation in the right way and save Raman outrightly, the fall caused severe injuries to Raman’s face and now the doctors are thinking that his face and voice is going to change completely. Doctors are reprimanding the family from trying to take a look at him because his face looks too terrifying as of now.

Still, Ishita and the family will insist on looking at him and confirming for themselves that he is really alive. The episode is going to be a mix of emotional scenes and thrilling plots where Bhallas will try to hide the fact of Raman being alive from Arijit where the latter will be trying to dig in more. In the upcoming episode, Bhuvan will keep a watch on the Bhallas.

Meanwhile, Arijit will try to get a clue about Raman. He is going to cross-examine every detail after Raman’s accident to know whether Raman is alive or dead and if he is alive where has the family hidden him. Ishita will tell Arijit that Ruhi had told her about Puja.

Arijit will try to squeeze the truth out of Ishita so he will tell her that he had seen Yug, Karan, and Ruhi at the hospital. Ishita will get shocked by hearing Arijit’s talks. She will feel scared if he has become aware of the truth. But will he be able to read her reactions and act on it or will Ishita be able to hide her reactions well?

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