Yeh Hai Mohabbatein- Will Ishita be successful in rescuing Raman from Arijit’s attack?


Lot has happened in Star Plus’s one of the most popular family show Yeh Hai Mohabatein ever since the villain Arijit initiated his cunning plots to bring Raman, Ishita and the Bhalla family down. This time though it looks like the evil man will not be able to trouble them anymore as Ishita has again regained control of her life and now she is going to stand strong on her feet to fight for her husband and the family-like she has been doing all her life.

Ishita has successfully managed to come out of Arijit’s captivity with the help from Karan and Yug. After she came out, she has also found out the hideout where Arijit and his men held Raman hostage. The fresh spoilers for the upcoming episodes have arrived just now from the set of the show and it is interesting as usual. In the upcoming episode, Ishita will try to hide Raman from the world so that she can save him.

Still, somehow Arijit will get to know about Raman’s whereabouts. He will then take his next step to find out Raman and attack him. He will reach the hospital where Raman will be undergoing his treatment and will try to kill him. Will he get it all happened this easily though? We guess, a big no as Ishita will trick him very cleverly this time. She is going to replace Raman with someone else.

Arijit will come there unknown of Ishita’s trick and try to attack the person under the hospital sheets. Then he will be caught red-handed and his game is most probably going to be over in the show. Tune in to the show for a load of entertaining drama. Keep this space abuzz for spicy spoilers and juicy updates from your favorite dramas.

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