Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – Will the Bhallas adopt Samar?

In our earlier report about the Star Plus hit show Yeh Hai Mohabatein, we reported that Shaina and her kid Samar are in good hands of the Bhalla family after Raman and Ishita cleverly put the culprit Sahil behind bars. Bhalla family have always been generous and kind to the people in desperate need and trouble. This time the family will stay strong and support Shaina in the best possible way they could. They are providing her with warm family love and a house where she could stay safe and protected. Now the kind family will be performing puja and ritual to ensure her safety and well being. Well! Such a nice thing to do. Meanwhile, Raman will come home to the family with big good news. In the upcoming episode, he will tell the family and Shaina that Sahil has lost almost all his aides now. His news is that Mathur will now promise not to help Sahil. With this, it looks like Sahil’s game is finally going to be over for real. If it happens so, Bhalla family can celebrate and rejoice it with great happiness. The spoiler suggests the similar track on the coming story as well.

The big news from the sets is that soon Karan and Ruhi will decide to give their relationship the name of marriage. They are going to start planning for their marriage in the upcoming episodes amidst heartwarming lovely moments and romance going on the side. In the midst of all the cheerful events and merriment Shagun will suggest something nice to Raman. We will see Shagun stepping her foot forward to suggest Raman to adopt Samar and give him a good family life that he has been deprived of so far.

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