Yeh Hai Mohabbatein- will the family be able to accept a Raman with his face and voice changed?

With actor Karan Patel’s exit from Star Plus’s hit show Yeh Hai Mohabatein, the makers of the show had a challenge of keeping up the show going great and let this change not affect the show. Looking at the present track, they have managed the change pretty effectively and this has certainly made the show 10 times more interesting with all that is happening in the show.

Raman had a gruesome accident where his face and neck got severely injured, so he was emergently taken to the hospital by the family without letting the villains behind his kidnapping know about all this. Now the doctors have done their work and his surgery has been successful with much effort from everyone.

However, his face and voice have completely changed making a different person on the outer appearance. In the episode that will air next, the Bhalla family will go to see the Raman at the hospital and get shocked to see Raman’s face. The Bhalla family will be in a state of a complete denial after seeing Raman’s new face and voice after his surgery.

Mr. Bhalla will tell that the new person is not his son Raman as his face is different and his voice is also different. Other family members too will not take the fact easily and will tell the doctors that something might be wrong, and this person can’t be Raman. On the other side, Bhuvan will tell someone that he tried to kill Raman, but he is still alive, and he had seen him. Has Bhuvan cracked the truth behind Raman’s being alive or is there another huge confusion coming along our way.

Moreover, Ishita will also struggle to come to terms with reality. Do watch this space for more spicy spoilers from your favorite shows.