Yeh Hain Chahatein 7th January 2020 Written Update: Yuvraj starts to blackmail Rajeev and asks for money

Episode begins with Saransh is crying and says he doesn’t want to go to school. Preesha says why don’t you want to go to school to Saransh? He however is not willing to enter the school premises but Preesha assured him that she will go and had a talk with her trustee head Ahana. She talks with the helper of the school and enters the cabin. She asks that how could you behave with so much rudeness to such a small kid. He was so terrified to come to school even last evening when he came back from the school he was continuously crying. What was the need to ask for the signature of his father? Ahana says because that is the province of our school that the students need to bring the signature of their father.

Yuvraj asks Ahana please show me the clause where it is written that the student has to bring the signature of his father only and not his mother. He says I am a lawyer by profession, hence I would love to see the clause of the school. He asks for the form from Preesha and signed it as a father of Saransh. he says to Saransh that from now on if anyone asks you about your father then tell them that you are the son of Yuvraj Pillai. He says to Ahana please take care of him in the school and make sure that he doesn’t go through such traumatic experiences again. Both he and Preesha come out of the cabin of Ahana together and he says from now on he is our child and I will take care of Saransh always.

Rudra finds out a way to break his marriage alliance with Mishka and for that he came to the cabin of Preesha. He noticed her assistant Dolly there and he somehow takes her into his manipulation and made her signature the report he brought. she signed it up without even checking the paper and he goes out of the room and directly landed up in his rehearsal hall. He asks his fellow group member Bunty to handover the report to Mishka when she comes here. Preesha comes at the rehearsal hall, there again Yuvraj and she gets into an argument. Rajiv gets a message from a blackmailer regarding his deep secret. Rajiv is in deep thinking who can be that person that he is blackmailing him with the name of Mahima.

Rudraksh says to his family that the medical report was false and it is just his trick to know about the loyalty of Mishka. Unwillingly he says yes for the marriage but Rajiv gets upset with him. he says to Rudraksh that it is useless to be in a loveless marriage with someone. you will feel suffocated and helpless after a point of time and it is not even funny. I have loved only one person in my life that is you. He noticed Rajiv is disturbed and he tried to inquire him about the same.

However Rajiv ignored his questions and left from there. The marriage date of Preesha and Yuvraj was decided after 2 days. Everyone is happy in the family of Preesha whereas Yuvraj is thinking that his life is set for once and all as he will extract money from Rajiv whenever he wants in the name of Saransh.

Precap – Balraj is angry with Rajiv for taking out one crore money from his locker. Rudraksha gets money with the same number series which is missing from his dad’s locker in the bag of Preesha.