Yeh Hain Chahatein: Saraansh the latest apple of the eye on the television

Kids have the immense power in themselves through which they can make anybody like and love them. Like one can hardly find a person in this world who is not fond of small kids and their cute and their cute antics. Television is in such a stage where the child actors are doing exceptionally outstanding work. No doubt that these kids are immensely talented and actually very good competition to the later actors who are going to portray their grown up character roles. Today we are going to talk about the recent sweetheart of Indian television who is making people fall in love with him with his cute voice and charming onscreen presence.

We are talking about the Yeh Hain Mohabbatein spin off show “Yeh Hain Chahatein”. The main show was immensely popular among the common masses and one of the major reasons behind it was the innocence of the character Ruhi and the extremely brilliant portrayal of the character by Ruhaanika Dhawan.

However in this season, Vidhaan Sharma is winning the hearts as adorable Saransh. Saransh is one of the major characters of this spin off and audiences are absolutely in love with his charming presence over the TV screen. Today we are going to talk about some top most major reasons why Saransh is the new favourite of Television genre.

There is no doubt that Vidhan Sharma is doing an outstanding job as Saransh. From his talking style to adorable smile everything looks so admirable and affectionate on screen. That one sight of his innocent face on your screen can make you feel good no matter in which situation or mood you are in. His charm and innocence is one of the best things that happened to the show.

Saransh, the character itself is very worth appreciating and attracting. Like he is not a dumb or neither a super man. He knows his whereabouts and he keeps his priorities set. No wonder he is one of the entertaining factors of the show. He is surrounded with the other characters but among everything hai individuality is never lost at all.

He is a Mumma’s boy, like Preesha even the world of Saransh also revolves around his mother, Preesha. He obeys her words without any second question and doesn’t take anything against his mom. He can be a minor but still has the guts to speak up in public if required of course with a firm voice as he never hesitates when it comes to speaking facts.
His attachment, love and care for his people, Specially his grandparents are adorable. His values are beautiful and reflected in his actions. He is the one of those who can inspire the current generation kids who mostly gets engrossed in either video games or study. Kids of now-a-days hardly got time to spend with parents or family members. He is one who not only loves his family but knows how to keep people together.

The cuteness of Saransh looks more good when he stands with Rudraksh, these two share a bond beyond relationship circles and thoughts. Saransh who is always aspiring to be a rockstar like Rudraksh now shares an emotional bond with him and this only proves how much power he holds emotionally to make anyone his within a short span of time. He has a nose for people and that is why Ahana remains a buri aunty for him but Rudraksh is the one he considers as one of his closest persons.

Well these reasons are not enough to love an adorable character like Saransh. However, tell us what made you fall in love with Saransh instantly? For more interesting informations about your favourite shows, keep watching this space.