Yeh Hain Chahatein Written Update : Highlights of the week: Rudraksh and Saransh are coming close

Star plus one of the most popular show Yeh Hai Chahatein had some most beautiful moments this week for the audiences and we cannot stop drooling over those moments again and again. The story of the show is finally moving forward and is going to touch the central point where two people who are not connected biologically with each other directly are coming close only based on affection and love. We are talking about none other than Rudraksh and Saransh.

From the very beginning of the show people are very much interested to see how these two are going to develop a bond of affection and emotion with each other. It seems like finally the time has come for both of them to develop a more strong and beautiful bond with each other. Rudraksh who was never fond of kids starts to get affected with the mood swings of Saransh. The slight line of worry, sadness and upset on the face of Saransh is now bothering Rudraksh and we simply loved the way he is taking a stand in front of his father for him.

Not only that, he even goes out of his nature and takes part in a competition of eating a tub of ice cream in spite of being a singer himself just to make Saransh happy is absolutely adorable and one will surely go aww to see them together. In fact Saransh also is finding solace in his company more that he choose Rudraksh for putting him to sleep instead of his mother Preesha.

Rudraksh is also feeling that Saransh has the same essence which his dead elder brother Rajiv used to have and this feeling is making Rudraksh more close to Saransh. Preesha who is surely missing the attention of her son and gets upset over it, also becomes happy to see that the void in the life of Saransh of not having a father by his side is finally fulfilled through Rudraksh. She just can not stop loving this feels of seeing Saransh happy and complete with the company of Rudraksh. On the other hand, away from all the eyes a beautiful bond is growing between Preesha and her mother-in-law Sharada.

After a long time, Sharda is having a person by her side who can be her companion and friend. Someone with whom she can share the unsaid talks on her mind. On the other hand, Preesha unknowingly gets attached to her a lot that her anger and ignorance is bothering her to a great extent and she is worked up to have mercy from her.

Finally the bonds are developing between people based on pure love and real emotions for each other and this was something very beautiful to witness and the show this week. All in all, we can say that the story of Rudraksh and Preesha is going to be one of the most beautiful journey ever on Indian television.

To witness their journey from companion to lovers keep watching the show and for more updates keep a tab on us.