Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 19th December 2019: Roshini is possessed by Jinn| Aman learns Roshini’s truth

Today’s episode starts with Aman follows Roshini (Dil Mei Tum) song plays in the background. Roshini reaches home and Salma gets happy and emotional seeing her. At, Aman’s house everyone gets happy thinking Roshini returns. Aman returns back and gets happy bazigar is alive too. Later, Aman asks Parveen to apologize Rubina, as she is not a culprit and didn’t know that his father was married. Parveen ask Aman not to become emotional but Aman gets adamant on apologizing Rubina. Later, Parveen ask Aman to do whatever he wants to.

Aman meets Rubina and apologizes to her for his mistake. Rubina ask him not to be sorry. There, Kabir discuss his evil intensions with Parveen. Here, Aman learns a shocking truth about Roshini. Rubina tells to Aman that Roshini is possessed by jinn.

Afterwards, Rubina gives a magical mirror to Aman and ask him to first confirm with its help if Roshini is possessed by jinn or not. Aman enters Roshini’s room and tries to find out about Roshini but fails. Later, Aman applies his magic trick and accidentally falls on Roshini’s bed. Roshini hugs Aman and sleeps. Ahead, he learns that Roshini is possessed by Jinn.

Roshini wakes up and sees Aman sleeping next. She shouts and calls Salma. She ask Salma to ask Aman what he is doing in her room. Salma talks calmly with Aman and Roshini doubts her. Aman about to make Roshini learn that she is his wife but stops thinking Rubina’s word. Roshini ask Salma to throw Aman out from the house. Episode ends with Aman thinking he got second chance and now he will win his love back.

Precap: Roshini falls in a well and Aman stands shocked.