Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 13th May 2022 Written Update: Dia warns Kajal to stay away from Armaan

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 13th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Dia reaching her office and confronts Kajal regarding her conversation with Armaan. She takes Kajal aside in order to talk to her and ask her to stay away from Armaan. She rebukes her for trying to come in between Armaan and her married life, whereas Kajal acts to be innocent and ask Dia to explain her about the matter. Dia notify her about how she talked to Armaan and asked him to get united with her again. She gives a clear warning to Kajal stating that she got to know about her true colours. She declares that she won’t spare Kajal if she again tries to manipulate Armaan and proclaims that no one can come in between them.

Here, Kajal pretends to be Dia’s friend and ask her to calm down. She acts to be confused and denies all the allegations, whereas Dia breaks her friendship with Kajal. At that time Jaggi comes in between them and ask Dia to behave herself. He takes a stand for Kajal and proclaims that Dia can’t talk rudely with her, to which the latter ask Jaggi to stay away from their matter.

Jaggi denies to hear Dia and declares that Kajal and Armaan looks great together. He says that they both compliments eachother and Armaan married Dia only because of sympathy. Dia gets shocked and takes a stand for herself declaring that Jaggi can’t pass personal comments upon her.

Elsewhere, Jaggi keeps mocking Dia for her skin colour and says that she doesn’t deserves anyone’s love. He says that her luck was good that Armaan married her and pity for him, while she gets furious and slaps him hard. He gets shocked along with the other employees. She gives a strict warning to him declaring that he shouldn’t have come in between her personal matter.

Palki enjoys her quality time with Anju and they both eats together. Meanwhile, Bhavna calls her and questions if Dia comes there? To which both gets worried and denies stating that Dia haven’t come there and ask Bhavna about the matter. The latter tells Anju that how Dia leaves the house being furious, while they starts worrying about Dia. Palki blames Madhu for everything, while Anju keeps trying to call Dia.

Ahead, Dia notify her family about the truth and thinks about her act. Whereas, Anju scolds Dia for slapping her senior and ask her to apologise to him in order to get her job back. Where, Palki gets angry with her mother for not supporting Dia. Whereas, the latter denies to apologise to Jaggi.

Kajal smirks seeing Dia suffer, while Dia’s boss arranges a meeting and scolds her for slapping Jaggi. They declares that they won’t bear violence, while she notify them about the partial treatment of Jaggi due to her skin colour. They denies to hear about it and ask Dia to apologise to Jaggi.

Further, Armaan comes to Dia’s office and learns about the matter from Ruby. He shows his support towards Dia and gives her confidence to fight. Whereas, Dia again slaps Jaggi and proclaims to leave the job. Jaggi gives a warning to Dia, whereas she declares that she will face him and will face him from the top. Meanwhile, Armaan feels proud of Dia. Whereas, Madhu gets shocked seeing Dia slapping her senior, as the video goes viral.

Precap:- Madhu confronts Dia and scolds for her act. She mocks Dia for ruining their reputation and declares that she won’t do any job hereafter. She points a finger on Dia’s character, while Armaan shouts at her to stop. He takes a stand for Dia and prohibits Madhu from commenting on Dia’s character.

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