Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 14th May 2022 Written Update: Armaan takes a stand for Dia

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 14th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Dia thinking about her action and gets tensed. She questions Armaan if she has done right by slapping Jaggi, instead of apologising to him? To which Armaan takes Dia to an ice-cream shop and gives her a very sweet icecream. She sees it and states that she can’t have it, to which he makes her understand that people also can’t be sweet all the time in their life. He declares that a person should behave according to the situation and to the way the other person behaves with them. He consoles Dia and assures that she have done right by teaching a lesson to Jaggi.

Here, Armaan shows his support towards Dia and ask her not to think about the matter. She questions if she will be able to get any work after her action? To which he says that she isn’t made for working for others and encourages that she will start her own business and will make others work under her.

Dia gets elated after hearing Armaan’s words and shows her gratitude towards him. She feels lucky to get him as her husband, whereas Anju calls her being tensed. She questions Dia about her decision and ask if she apologised tk Jaggi or not? To which Dia tells her that she slapped him twice before quitting her job.

Elsewhere, Anju gets shocked and scolds Dia for her action. She states that Dia have to pay concequences for her doings and declares that she have done wrong. She advice Dia to go and apologise to Jaggi, but Dia denies and notify about her sufferings. She states that she won’t apologise to Jaggi, while Anju gets frustrated with her daughter.

Palki gets happy with Dia’s decision and shows her support towards her. Whereas, Anju scolds her too. Dia disconnects the call with Anju and shares her disappointment with Armaan, while he makes her understand that mother’s always care for their childrens. He ask her to think via Anju’s point of view.

Ahead, Armaan calms Dia and ask her not to think negatively. She looks at him and questions if her career will end? To which he denies and assures her that she will fly high. She hugs him being overwhelmed by his support. Whereas, Madhu gets shocked seeing Dia’s video of slapping Jaggi, getting viral. Her friends mocks her for having a characterless daughter-in-law.

Dia and Armaan returns back to their house and gets stunned seeing the viral video. Madhu starts scolding Dia and points out on her character. Dia tries to explain herself but Bhavna and Madhu rebukes her. Armaan takes a stand for Dia and declares that she haven’t done anything wrong. He says that Dia will never apologise to Jaggi.

Further, Armaan gives a warning to Madhu and ask her not to say anything against Dia, whereas the katter gets scared of his anger. She then scolds Armaan for going against her and ask not to give so much freedom to Dia. She also ask Dia to never work again, while latter gets shocked. Later, Bhavna notify Madhu about Dia’s ex-boyfriend and instigates against her. Where, Dia shares her worry with Armaan, while he tries to make her relax.

Precap:- Armaan makes Dia talk to his friend, who tries to help Dia to get a job. She helps Dia to find a job and praises her for her resume. Dia gets elated and questions if she needs any other thing? To which the latter ask Dia to bring her character certificate from her previous job. Armaan and Dia gets worried.

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