Yeh Rishta Kya Kehelata Hai 7th August 2019 written update:- Kartik designs to help in Kairav’s surgery

The episode begins with Kartik and Vedika are conversing about their marriage preparations. Vedika asks him not to come under any pressure and not to do anything which he is not willing from within. She says I know you are not ready for this marriage right now and please don’t bother yourself for this whereas Karthik replies he really wants to do this, he really wants this marriage to happen.

Vedika gets shocked to see the determination in his eyes while the family members were happy to hear Kartik’s decision. On the other hand, in-hospital Naira is feeding food to Kairav. He says he wants to meet his brother why Naira is not calling him? Naira diverts his mind with the topic of jelly and comes out when Liza once again tries to ask her to tell Kartik.

Naira asks her not to bother her again and again with Kartik name, Kairav is already doing the course and puts jelly in Liza’s mouth. Liza said you didn’t realize but you put sweet in my mouth after listening to me, it is a good sign.

All gathers for cake cutting, when all thanks Vansh for arranging the cake. Samarth asks him is this your idea? Vansh says yes but I didn’t ask write such a big name. Manish smiles and says it is new beginnings, a happy start to a new beginning. Kartik and Vedika cut the cake together and feed all. Here Pallavi calls Naira for talk and informs her that the surgeon from Mumbai will not be able to come for this. Naira asks for his number and contacts him to say she is one such helpless mother who has nothing in the world but her kid.

Kairav is her entire world and that is why she is bothering him so that her kid can survive. Naira cuts the call and tells Pallavi he has some genuine problems. Naira says he has talked with another doctor for this purpose, Pallavi says it must be Dr. Parekh. she says she knows him and he is a good doctor hence she will help Naira to go Bombay but they have to travel by train only.

Here in the Goenka villa, all are celebrating Sangeet and Kartik and Vedika are performing together while all get happy. Here Naira is completing the paperwork required for shifting Kairav to Mumbai. Kartik midst of all the celebration of marriage is not able to forget Aditya’s words. Kairav asks Naira to inform his father about his illness and asks him to come. Naira makes an excuse but Kairav gets upset.

Pallavi comes at Kartik and Vedika’s sangeet ceremony and asks Vedika why she is looking upset. She says nothing is like that and asks her why she is late? Pallavi says there is a patient, around the 4-year-old kid, he has a hole in his heart and needs urgent surgery.

Vedika says for the treatment they have to go to Mumbai, Pallavi says yes but she is a single mother and finance is a big problem. Kartik immediately asks Pallavi to stop them from going to Mumbai as the operation will take place here.

Pallavi calls Naira and informs her not to board the train as her friend Vedika’s fiance is ready to help them financially. She says he is saying he has a known surgeon from Sanjeevani here in the city and he will do Kairav surgery. Pallavi handover the phone to Naira and he says don’t worry mam, I am feeling so much connected to your kid and will be glad to help you people. So please don’t cry and keep faith in God, your kid will recover. Naira burst out crying listening to Kartik voice after long.

Precap – Kairav keeps on saying he wants to meet his father before surgery.