Yeh Rishta Kya Kehelata hai Written Update 15th July 2019 :- Kartik agrees to marry Vedika

The episode starts with Suhasini is shifted to the operation theatre. Kartik holds her hand and tells her that she needs to come back soon. Here Naira is crying while packing her bags. Her friend keeps her hand on her shoulder and Naira shares her fears with Liza as she doesn’t know how Kartik and his family will react when she will appear in front of them after so many years.

Later, the doctor comes out and tells Goenkas that operation was successful but says she won’t be able to tell anything beyond this as Suhasini is still unconscious. Once she will gain conscious only then they will be able to say anything. Kartik is still worried about Dadi when Naksh offered him a coke can. Naksh talks to him and asks him to meet Dadi first when she wakes up after and says that you are going to give her the good news that you are getting married. Kartik is shocked and going to drop the can when Naksh holds it. He says it might be strange for him as he is Naira’s brother, he is asking him to remarry but there’s nothing wrong in it. He says hearing the good news will improve Dadi’s health. Kartik tells Naksh that he can’t think about anyone apart from Naira. Naksh says your love and thought can’t bring Naira back. Naksh asks him to give Vedika a chance as she is a nice girl and would prove to be a good life partner too.

After Naksh leaves, Kartik imagines Naira who tells him that Dadi needs him and he should support her and should honor her wish. He asks her not to do this. Here all talk about dadi’s wish to see Kartik being settled and as a complete family man. Kartik sees Vedika and recalls everyone’s words who tried to convince him to get married to Vedika. Kartik goes to Vedika and asks her to marry him. She gets surprised and asks who pressurized him but he says it’s his decision. He tells her that when people lose a lot, they must hold on to the few things they have in life so that no one can snatch. Vedika says I always wait for this moment, but never thought it would come in this way. She says she won’t be able to do this as he is not happy. Kartik asks her to give a thought to his proposals as he is running short of time.

Later, the doctor comes and tells the family that Suhasini is not responding to treatment and is sinking. Kartik lashes out at the doctor for speaking like this about his Dadi and rushes inside Suhasini’s room. He goes inside and talks to Dadi and tells her that he will do as she pleases. He tells her that he is ready to get married. He tells her that Vedika is also ready to get married to him.

The doctor comes and is amazed to see Suhasini’s vital stats improving. Suhasini wakes up and asks him he was telling the truth and asks him to call Vedika. Vedika comes inside and talks to dadi. Kartik and Vedika joined hands and Dadi express her happiness.

Precap: The priest said someone from the family member will get affected badly soon. Here Kairav faints before getting into the bus.