Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 10th October 2019 Written update: A shock for Kartik, Naira and Vedhika

The scene starts with Naira crying that she doesn’t want to get married in a dirty place. Karthik asks where you want to marry. She says temple and he says okay. He says let’s go. Meanwhile, the goons realize Karthik and Naira have escaped and locked the door from outside.

Karthik and Naira find smartphones and they walk around the house. Karthik says you think about everyone and says always be like that and don’t ever change. Karthik asks why has dad changed the interior.

Naira says, it’s my house not yours. He says if we get married here we will have to do Bidhai here as well and things will be so emotional. They find a toy plane and say it’s Kairav’s and now our wedding he can also watch. Naira says even I saw my parents wedding after they came from Cape Town they got married again.

As they walk into the house, Naira says she wants another Dupatta. As they walk into the room, they tell they can’t keep their eyes open and sleep in the bed. Karthik says we will get 10 minutes of beauty sleep and will get married.

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Meanwhile, Naksh enters Naira’s bedroom with Vansh but doesn’t realize Karthik is there. He puts Vansh beside Naira and leaves. Next day morning Vedhika tells Dadi that Karthik hasn’t reached. Vedhika suspects that he is with Naira as when she called on Karthik’s phone, Kariav answered it. He says that dad is sleeping here. She says how it is my fault and how to handle the family when there isn’t one there.

Naira too wakes up and wonders what happened and how she ended here. She is shocked to see Karthik and he too wonders what he is doing in Naira’s room. They realize about the goons and how they kidnapped them. They realize they were locked in a warehouse, were injected and try to recollect how they ended up at their home. Naira realizes they spent all night together. Suddenly, they get a message on their respective phones that there are documents to sign and should come to the office.

Naksh calls Naira while Karthik jumps out of the window and walks through the main door. He is watching his thumb and recollecting how he cut his thumb. Vedhika, Dadiji, and everyone is standing and she questions Karthik did he go to meet Kairav? He says he doesn’t remember the details correctly. He says that he only remembers being kidnapped and injected and that is all that Naira remembers as well.

Karthik’s dad is shocked and he says how he can be so casual about getting kidnapped. Karthik says he doesn’t remember anything. At the office, Karthik and Naira are asked to wait. They ask if they remember anything about the previous night but are unable to recollect anything.

All of a sudden papers on the table fly and Naira finds a wedding photo of a couple. They remember something and realize they got married in a drunken state while Vedhika overhears the conversation. She walks out of the door and gives the documents to the advocate.

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Meanwhile, Damini Mishra walks in the office where Naira is holding the wedding photo in hand. They ask to sign the sole custody and joint custody papers. Damini asks them to come to the next hearing and says that things will be sorted within the next 2-3 hearings. She gives them files to read. Damini is thinking if they are actually divorced as Karthik and Naira seem so emotionally attached to each other like a happily married couple. She thinks that their emotions should not come in way of her promotion. She says all is done and asks them to leave.

As they walk out, Damini calls Naira and says sorry. She says the outcome of a case is not if someone is right or wrong but depends on the lawyer who is capable enough to justify themselves. She says that court doesn’t bother much about a mother’s emotions or calls unlike what happens in movies. Naira says that she doesn’t want any advantage from anyone and will follow the court’s procedure. She says regardless of your experience in court, the truth will always prevail and I will follow that faith.

Precap: Naira’s mother says that once this tension ends, things will be sorted. She says what if Kairav knows what his parents are doing. What will he go through? Naira says she will have the custody of Kairav and Karthik won’t interfere.