Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th June 2021 Written Update: Suhasini stuns Sirat

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th June 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Kartik asking Sirat what happened. He asks if she is day dreaming. Ranveer says she might be thinking about her first love. Sirat asks Kartik and Ranveer if they had ganged up against her. Kartik and Ranveer pulls Sirat’s leg. Kartik than reveals to Sirat that she is his good friend. Sirat decides to meet Mauri.

Ranveer tells Sirat that Mauri is inside. Sirat goes to meet Mauri and stands stunned over hearing Suhasini’s talk with Suwarna, Gayu and Surekha. Suhasini says to Suwarna, Gayu and Surekha that she had clearly seen love for Kartik in Sirat’s eye. She says if she would have been there, she wouldn’t have let Sirat marry someone else. Suhasini adds no matter with whom Sirat married but she loves Kartik only. Sirat leave the place.

Sirat recalls about Suhasini words and gets angry on herself. She thinks if Suhasini is eye doctor who can see love for Kartik in her eyes. Sirat looks for Ranveer. Ranveer come and asks Sirat if she meet Mauri or not.

Sirat asks Ranveer not to keep questioning her. She behaves weird. Later, Sirat and Ranveer make up. Both leave Goenka house. Kartik thinks he doesn’t like upsetting Sirat but it was necessary to make her understand.

At Chauhan’s house, Saroj and Nidhi gift honeymoon ticket to Sirat and Ranveer. Sirat gets excited to go to Marry Com’s city. She further thinks it will be good if she will go to some other place for time being. Sirat sneeze and ticket falls in the water. Sirat panics.

Ranveer asks Sirat to relax as it is just print out. Ahead, Sirat thinks her head is spinning thinking about Suhasini. She thinks why she has mixed feeling on going to honeymoon. Sirat packs her bag.

Other side, Kairav asks Kartik to make his dress. Mainsh and Suwarna come. Kartik struggle to make super hero dress. Suwarna says to Kartik that she doesn’t know how Naira simply solve every problem. Kartik says Naira was expert in everything. He adds he too can handle things. Mainsh worry if Kartik will be left single.

There, Nidhi and Saroj talk with Sirat and Ranveer. Chauhan come and bless Sirat much to everyone’s expectation. He further says to Sirat he wants her picture in her party poster. Sirat refuses to be in Chauhan’s party poster. Ranveer support Sirat. Chauhan leaves the place.

Later, Sirat stops Ranveer from coming to pick her up. She asks him to pack bags. Sirat says she will enjoy her honeymoon with Kartik. She further gets shocked what did she just said. Kartik comes from behind and offers lift to Sirat. Sirat sits tensed thinking about Kartik.

Kartik share a talk with Sirat and says being a friend he can do anything for her. Sirat asks Karitk to jump like a monkey. Kartik says he is not monkey but a super hero. He says Kairav calls him superhero. Kartik tells Sirat about house party. Sirat says Kairav will look good in superhero costume. Episode ends with Kartik and Sirat car stopping at unknown place.

Precap: Kartik asks Sirat to close her eyes to check whom she loves the most. Sirat close her eyes to find out about her love.

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