Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 11th September 2019 written update:- Goenkas and Singhania’s are celebrating 3000 days

The episode starts with all are celebrating in the Hall of The House for winning the case after 3000 days of fighting it endlessly. All the family members are happy and even Naira also gets happy to hear the news and she is watching them from behind. Swarna comes to Suhasini and informs sir that Manish wants to celebrate the day as they have won the case in a grand way. Suhasini says that they should be celebrated no matter what and ask Swarna to even call Naira for the celebrations because Kairav will be happy. Swarna comes to Naira’s room with dress and jewelry.

Naira sees her coming with all these and says this is wrong, today is the day of Vedika and her presence can bother the entire function. Swarna says if she can observe fast for Kartik on the occasion of Teej then there is no problem in coming down full decked up. Naira gets shocked to hear that Swarna knows about her keeping fast for Kartik. Swarna says I am no mother and a mother can always read the mind of the children. I guess you have understood it well after becoming a mother yourself. Naira still hesitates to take it but Swarna assures her and went from there.

All the family members gather for celebration the whole Goenka Villa was decorated with 3000 lamps celebrate the number and the auspicious day. Vansh and Kairav come there and says everyone has done something or other for the celebrations except us. Kairav says so what we can do something even now.

Karthik also joined them and they play some songs and everybody starts to dance together and the whole house is in a party mood when Singhania family also appears there. On the other side, Naira is getting ready in the given dress and jewelry. Kartik is standing below with his family when he noticed Naira near the staircase. He gets mesmerized to see her beauty while Naira feels awkward to be there. Kairav and Vansh brought a cake for the people of the house to celebrate the occasion. Manish says the ladies of the house are on fast then how come they will consume the cake? Suhasini says it is the day of celebration so we will cut the cake and the ladies will have it letter after breaking their fast. Surekha is continuously trying to contact Akhilesh but all in vain.

Kairav brought Naira and Kartik together for the cake cutting session while Vedika feels upset. He asked Naira to feed a piece of cake to Kartik and also declares in front of the family that Naira must be on fast that is why she is not consuming cake. Vedika gets shocked to hear this Naira is dancing and the area is filled with so many smokes and smells which cause her cough so much. She goes from the place while coughing and Kartik notices the whole thing.

Kartik follows Naira to have a check on her, Naira comes out of the house and feels dizzy due to her fast. Kartik noticed it and immediately runs to her with water. Naira opens her eyes while Kartik feeds her water and she sees the full moon in the sky. Kartik feels happy to see the game of destiny that Naira’s fast is broken by him.

Precap – Naira and Kartik engaged in an argument about keeping fast. Vedika looks for Kartik.