Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 12th August 2019 written update:- Naira is in dilemma about Kartik

The episode starts with Swarna is asking Kartik about where he was till now? Swarna asks from him did he try to escape from the marriage or was thinking to go somewhere and just back because he suddenly thought of Vedika and dadi?

Swarna says marriage is not a game of kids so be hundred percent sure before you are proceeding for a lifetime relationship. Once you proceed your steps from here you won’t be able to get back so ask yourself and if you think that you are not getting yourself there to marry Vedika then say now because we still have time.

Karthik gets shocked to listen to Swarna’s words. On the other hand, Naira is in the taxi and she is coming towards Goenka Villa to meet Kartik.

Karthik answers Swarna that he just went to fix some official problems in the factory and nothing else he is very much sure about this marriage and he is doing it willingly. He out of frustration tells Swarna that it has been the fifth year that Naira left him and the world. He acknowledges this fact that Naira will not ever come back to him. That’s why he wants to move on with his present Vedika and willing to have a good future ahead.

Naira listens to their conversation from a corner and she again comes under the impression that Karthik has moved on and she has no right to spoil his life at this moment.

Swarna again asks Kartik that if you have anything in your mind tell me now and be sure about this. Marriage is not a game and if you proceed further you will never ever be able to break it in the middle.

Naira comes to a car and cries thinking that it was stupid of her to think Karthik is still waiting for her arrival even after 5 years. She says Kartik wants to start fresh with Vedika and currently she has no right to spoil his life. Naira left from there thinking that she shouldn’t come between Kartik and Vedika anymore.

Liza in the hospital gets restless to think what can be happening there? When Naira enters the hospital and tells Liza not all the finishing line is for everyone.

Liza feels upset about it and prays to god to reunite Kairav with his mom and dad. Suddenly there is a car stop in a signal, a groom is sitting inside and slowly it is revealed to be Karthik. He says that he is feeling sorry to left Vedika like this but he couldn’t stop himself from meeting Kairav as he is not able to understand what is his relation with that kid but the kind of attraction he feels towards him is so hard.

Here in Goenka Villa, Suhashini cries in front of the idol of the temple. She says Kartik didn’t take a sane call at this moment. She shows concern for Vedika and says please do not leave her alone at least today.

Nair went to the pharmacy to bring some medicines for Kairav meanwhile Kartik reaches the hospital and asks Liza about Kairav and his state and goes to meet him.

Kairav becomes happy to see Kartik and tells him, he is scared of injection just like Kartik and his mom informed him that Kartik once fainted in the operation theatre.

Kartik gets shocked and thinks how come Kairav knows about it. Pallavi comes in and slams Kartik for leaving Vedika like this for an unknown kid. Kartik asks her not to interfere as it is his personal matter.

Naira, on the other hand, collided with someone and by mistake entered a secret room of hospital which gets locked by the staff from outside. She asks for help but no one gets to listen to her.

Precap – Kartik, and Naira meet after 5 years.