Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th March 2024 Written Update: Arman meets Manav

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th March 2024 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Ruhi tells Kaveri that Abhira is in the hospital. Manisha asks Kaveri if they can go to see Abhira. Kaveri asks Manisha and Vidya to go to the hospital. She asks Manoj to check who is treating Abhira. Vidya asks Kaveri if she will not come to the hospital. Kaveri asks others to go. Ruhi looks at Kaveri.

The doctor asks Arman if he has completed the formalities. Arman sits with the blank form. The doctor asks Arman, being a husband, if he is clueless about Abhira. Arman gets anxious. The doctor tells Arman that Abhira is not responding. He says that if Abhira doesn’t regain consciousness, they can’t help her. Arman gets restless to see Abhira. He gate crashes into her room. Arman asks Abhira to wake her. He remembers his moment with Abhira. Arman asks Abhira to talk to him. He says he can’t see her silent. Arman asks Abhira to wake up once. Vidya, Manisha, and Manoj visit the hospital. Arman asks Vidya why she came, as he was about to bring Abhira home. Vidya asks Arman if he will handle everything on her own. He consoles Arman. Arman breaks down. Vidya asks Arman not to worry, as Abhira will respond soon. Vidya blesses Abhira. He asks Arman not to worry, as Abhira will fight back. She ties an auspicious thread to Abhira’s hand. Vidya says nothing will happen to Abhira.

Manish gets restless. Swarna asks Manish what’s bothering him. Manish says he is getting restless. Swarna asks for the reason. Manish says he thinks someone close is in trouble. The nurse asks Arman to leave the room. Arman gets adamant about being with Abhira. He fights with the nurse. Arman is asked to leave the room. He gets adamant about being with Abhira. Ruhi decides to convince Arman. Arman breaks down after seeing Abhira. Ruhi convinced Arman to stay out of the room. Arman remembers the past with Abhira.

Arman thanks Ruhi for supporting him. He asks Ruhi to go home. Ruhi decides to stay until Abhira regains consciousness. Ruhi sleeps with Arman. Abhira regains consciousness and calls out Arman. Arman leaves Ruhi and goes to Abhira. Abhira and Arman argue. Abhira gets adamant about going home. Arman scolds Abhira. He asks Abhira not to step down. Arman asks Abhira to quit Kaveri’s case and focus on her health. Abhira accuses Arman. Arman says he is Abhira’s husband. Ruhi hears Arman and gets shocked. She asks Arman if he doesn’t mean what he said. Arman assures Ruhi. -Episode Ends

Precap: Arman asks Ruhi to marry Manav, as he is a good man. He further fights with Abhira for trying to steal his papers to win the case.

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