Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 12th September 2019 written update: Naira gets to know about Akhilesh

The episode begins with Naira thanks Kartik for helping her and she stands up. Kartik holds her hand and asks if my former wife has observed the fast for Teej for me? Naira feels caught but she keeps a straight face when Kartik again asked her if she has kept any fast for him? Naira says former wives don’t perform marital rituals Kartik, I didn’t keep any fast for you. She says that what do you think of yourself? There is nothing beyond you, people will do things to make you happy or to trouble you. There is a world beyond you as well, everyone has their own share of world and my world revolves around my son. I decked up today because of him and when I danced because he likes to see me dancing.

Everything that I do is because of him. You are not important to me Karthik but my son is. She is about to go when Kartik holds her veil from behind and repeats his words. Naira says you will not believe me right? Ok, fine don’t believe, I don’t care about your thinking but you need to accept the truth. The day I left you, I also left all the marital rituals right Teej, Karwachauth, and Gangaur at this house. The turned around and sees Swarna is standing behind them, Kartik informs her that the moon appears now please ask the ladies to break their fast. Swarna informs Naira that Kairav is looking for her.

Vedika watches Kartik, Naira entering together and get tensed but then Swarna also enters behind them and she gets relieved. Kairav went to see TV with Vansh while Naira excuses herself as the ladies will break their fast now and her presence will be of no use.

She comes up and cries that all these years during Teej she used to miss Karthik and wants him beside her. But today even having water from his hand is appearing wrong to her. Down all the ladies gathered in lawn and is preparing to break their fast when Manish noticed that Akhilesh still not appeared for Teej and Surekha is standing alone. He gets angry that Akhilesh has no sense that even today he is late. Suddenly Akhilesh comes from behind and asks for an apology for being late while Surekha gets relieved.

Naira is in her room and breaks the fast of Kartik’s name and says maybe not as a husband but I Will forever observe this fast for you as you are my child’s father. I will pray to God that the relation between my son Kairav and his father Kartik remains like this.

Karthik is in lawn with Vedika when he notices the pot from where he made Naira drink the water and feel happy in his mind. He is sure about the fact that Naira has kept fast for him. Naira gets freshened up and changes her dress and she noticed from upstairs that Akhilesh and Surekha arguing with each other. She finds it very odd and comes back to the room when she notices a new phone is kept on charging. She asks Vansh about the same who informed that they got the phone from Luv-Kush room and about the owner of the phone and left. Naira opens the phone and gets a call, she picks it up and finds out it to be Lisa. Lisa gets shocked to see her boyfriend phone is with Naira. Naira starts to join the dots and takes the family pictures from the table and shows her the family pic. Lisa identifies Akhilesh as her boyfriend and says he is the one. Naira gets shocked and decides to confront Akhilesh. Naira comes to Kartik and struggles to tell him the entire thing.

Precap – Kartik, and Naira are in a cafe when Vedika catches them.