Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th March 2020 Written Update: Kartik rescues Naira

Today’s episode starts with Naira in the dream says she has few time left. Thus she wants to see Kartik and Kairav once before dying. Kartik and Kairav come in Naira’s dream. Naira asks the duo to take care of each other.

There, Kartik and Naksh search for Naira and Kartik doubts Javeri. Naksh says Javeri can’t go this extreme to. Here, Kairav and Vansh look for their fog machine. Other side, Suhasini and Suwarna too thinks Naira is not seen from so long. They wonder where she is.

Ahead, Kairav and Vansh find their fog machine and attempt to pick it up. The duo finds Naira in the dig deep. Kartik and Goenka’s gets shocked seeing her lying unconscious. Javeri stands stunned too.

Kartik jumps into the dig to save Naira. He brings her out. There, Javeri leave the place along with Abhishek. Here, Goenka’s tried to wake up Naira. Kartik asks Naira to wakeup. Naira opens her eyes and looks for Kairav and Kartik. Suhasini asks Naira how she falls into the dig. Naira says someone wanted to kill her. Karitk asks her if Javeri.

Manish brings Javeri and recalls in the flashback how he and Kartik found Javeri’s watch near Naira’s dig. Everyone asks Naira to tell the truth. Naira tries to expose.  Kartik gets angry at chokes Javeri’s neck. Naira asks Kartik to leave her.  Javeri asks Naira if she has any prove against her. Goenka’s shows their believe on Naira. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Naira and Kartik gets angry at Luv Kush.

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