Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 13th September 2019 written update: Naira and Kartik confronts a shocking truth

The episode begins with Kairav is holding the hand Kartik and Naira and dipped in the mix of cement to make the hand statue. Naira and Karthik feel awkward while Vedika is upset with the whole development. Kairav brings out the statue and keeps it for the set. Naira is trying to talk to Kartik and then thinks it will not be ok to talk to Kartik in this house as he may not believe and that can lead to the chaos which she wants to avoid. Kartik again asks Naira what she is trying to communicate with him but she says that should talk to him but not here but outside the house. Kartik thinks it must be something important or else she will never ask me to go out of the house.

Vedika seeks permission from Suhasini to go to her father’s place to spend some time as she is missing him a lot. Suhasini asks her to take along Karthik with but he is unavailable to go with her. Vedika assures Suhashini that she will take a driver with and will be home soon.

Kartik and Naira come to a cafe, where they used to come and the waiter recognizes them and offered them the same tea which they used to order. Naira finally confessed to Kartik about the real identity of Lisa’s boyfriend over the tea. Kartik asks her who is he as he can call him here and settle the matter. Naira says it is none other than Akhilesh chachu. Kartik is shocked when Naira says don’t think that I am making up stories as you know I will not say such a lie.

Kartik and Naira call both Akhilesh and Lisa together to confirm the whole development. Akhilesh comes there and asks Kartik what happened? Karthik remains silent when Naira comes with Lisa and she recognized Akhilesh as Anil. She thanked Naira for helping her out. she tries to settle up things between her and Akhilesh thinking him as her boyfriend when he refused to even recognize her. Lisa is taken aback by the whole thing while Naira understands that Akhilesh purposely wants to deny that he knows Lisa. Lisa gets to know that anil is Akhilesh only, uncle of Kartik who is married and is a father of three children. She cries to think that she and intentionally become a part of a betrayal.

Karthik drops Lisa at Singhania house and Lisa asks Naira not to tell about this matter to anybody in the house. Naira cries to think the state of Lisa and tell started that she is such a sweetheart. She used to love her boyfriend a lot and if you were not there Naira will not be able to survive at Goa. She says when I used to go out for dance classes, she close our shop of tattoos and used to babysit. This shouldn’t be happening to her at all, Kartik consoles Naira.

Precap – Vedika catches Naira and Karti together in a car and follows them followed by a cold war between her and Naira.