Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th January 2020 Written Update: Kartik gets furious

Today’s episode starts with Naira recalls her moments with Kartik. She goes to Kartik and calls all the family members. Naira then reveals to Kartik that Vedika ditched everyone and says she hasn’t donated her kidney to her. She reveals to everyone that they felt guilty for Vedika but Vedika took the advantage of their goodness without any guilty. Suhasini supports Naira.

Kartik after hearing Naira breaks all his ties with Vedika. Furious Vedika slit her wrist and shocked everyone by saying she has already sends her suicide note to Pallavi where she has mentioned she died because of Kartik and Naira. She finally slit her wrist and Naira gets shocked.

Back to reality; Vedika asks Naira if she is dreaming. She asks Naira if she thought she will threaten her and she will leave Kartik. Meanwhile, tent falls on Naira and Kartik rushes to Naira. He gets worried for her and hugs her tightly. Naira asks Kartik why he gets worries if anything happens to her. Vedika interrupts and tells to Naira that she will leave to Mannar with Kartik tonight.

Naira worries and calls to Naksh if he got any clue against Umesh. Naksh says no he didn’t received any clue yet. Naira tells to Naksh, Vedika is all set to fly away with Kartik. Later, Goenka’s fly kite. Naira while flying the kite dreams of dancing with Kartik. Meanwhile, Kartik receives a call and after hanging up the call he gets angry. Kairav and Vansh get scared seeing Kartik’s rage. Kartik leaves the place.

Kairav asks Naira why Kartik was so angry. Gayatri says maybe because of office. There, Kartik breaks the things in anger. Vedika decides to confront Kartik. Kartik about to full down the tent but someone holds his hand. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Vedika spots Kartik and Naira together.