Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 14th October 2019 Written update: Damini succeed to get proof against Naira

The episode starts with Kairav listening to the conversation between Suwarna and Naira. Kairav asks to God what does mean ‘custody’. Dadi becomes sad hearing that term. He calls Vansh to ask him the meaning. Vansh tells him it maybe a school’ name. Kairav says my school name is not ‘custody’. Naksh takes the receiver to call someone and happens to hear them. He smiles and put back the receiver saying kids are so cute. Kairav says ‘custody’ had created problem and mummy papa keeps fighting about it. He prays to God for happy family.

Naira is in her room. She receives a message from Kumar asking her to come to court at 10 Am. The case is strong but Damini can use such things against them. Kairav is determined to get Kairav’s custody.
Damini pays the watchman and enters into Tina (Naira)’s house. The girl is on the way to Tina’s house. She finds the lights on and wonders that Tina is back and why she does not inform her. She suspects someone had entered the house. Damini finds the documents. The girl shouts who is there.
Naira calls Kumar and apologies for not replying to his message immediately. She is waiting for Kairav to sleep. She asks to promise him that she will get Kairav’s custody. He assures her that he will do his best. Kairav hears Naira.

Damini lies to the girl that she is Naira’s lawyer Damini Mishra. She is here to collect Kaira’s medical reports so she can win the case for Naira. She says Kartik family is more interested to get Kairav’s custody but she will not let it happen. She understands Kairav as she herself a mother. The girl asks to call Naira but Damini stops. She says do not disturb her and pray for her.

Naira tells Kairav that she has lot of work today. Kairav asks to ger go and his stay with his Nani. Naira hugs and says love you. She tells him that she loves him more and do everything for his good. She can never hurt. He is the most precious and most important for her. She asks him to trust her. Kairav says papa too had said same things. Kairav thinks that he has find himself the ‘custody’ wala secret.

Kartik and Vedika are in car. He asks her why she was crying yesterday. She says nothing. He says is she does not want to share it’s ok but he knows it’s related to him and Naira. He asks not be mahaan by lying. She says he is already stress and does not want to talk about it now. Their car stops in a signal. Vedika. A bike stops next to the car. Vedika gets nervous seeing the tattoo on the man’s hand.

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Kartik reaches court. Vedika wishes him all the best. She says she is not coming with him inside. He asks why she has come so far if she does not want to come in. She says it is an important day for him so she wants to be with him but this is as far she can come with him. He nods and thanks her. The man with helmet follows Vedika’s car.

Naira notices it. Naira messages her friend asking her to pray for her. She assures that she will Kairav’s custody. Naira replies that Mr Kumar too said so. Her friend asks who is Mr Kumar. Kaira says it’s her lawyer. The girl asks then who is Damini Mishra. Naira stops a moment seeing Kartik and his lawyer. Naira says she is this city’s famous lawyer but she is on Kartik side. The girl remembers Damini’s word and tries to call Naira. But Naira switch off her phone on Kumar’s asking. Her friend is worried for Naira and prays to God to help her.

Kartik says to Kairav that she knows why all this is happening. She says that he too knows it. Kairav comes there and shouts Mama. He says he loves his mama papa and his happy family. It turns out to be Naira Kartik imagination. They recall their happy moments as family and looks to each other.

Precap: In the court, Damini says to Karthik if you want custody of Kairav we have no option. She says to the judge that Naira is dragging innocent Karthik into the court. But did she even want that kid? She submits a medical report and abuses Naira while Karthik yells “Shut up and don’t talk ill of my Naira” to Damini.