Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th January 2020 Written Update: Kartik exposes Vedika!


Today’s episode starts with Kartik recalls how he got angry and breaks the things. Vedika stops him. Kartik sees Vedika following her from behind. He goes to Goenka’s. Manish asks Kartik why he got so angry. Kartik tells to them that he was planning some surprise for them but it got ruined. He thanks Vedika.

Kartik than excuse himself from and Vedika thinks he is going to meet Naira. But Naira calls everyone to perform the Sankranti rituals. Kartik says in Vedika’s ear that he knows everything. Vedika gets alert and ask Kartik what he said. Kartik says nothing. Ahead, Kartik talks with Kairav and makes some plan with him. Vedika gets suspicious. She tries to inquire Kairav but fails.

Afterwards, Kartik signs on some paper and tricks Vedika to sign on the papers too. He before leaving signals Kairav and Vedika wonders what Kartik is up to.

At Goenka house Vedika asks house helper to keep her and Kartik bags in the car as they have to leave for the airport. Kartik comes and says to Vedika that he has some important work to finish thus they will not leave today but tomorrow.

Here, Naira teaches Kairav good lessons. There, Vansh writes a superwomen essay for Vedika and mentions that he is brave because she is surviving on one kidney. Vedika gets upset. Later, Kartik mentions too that Vedika is surviving on one kidney. Vediks drags Kartik out and asks him why he is behaving strange. Kartik says he is just concern about her. He gets a call from Naira and lies to Vedika that manger is calling him and he needs to take the call.

Further, in the morning Kartik escapes from the house. Vedika follows Kartik and gets shocked spotting Kartik and Naira hugging each other.

Kartik and Naira about to leave but Vedika stops their way and asks Kartik to tell her where is going hiding from her. She goes mad on Kartik and Naira. Goenka’s comes out from the house. Kartik tells to all he is leaving the country with Naira and Kairav to live in peace. Suhasini stands confused. Vedika says to Kartik and Naira how can they be so selfish as she risked her life for Naira. Kartik asks Vedika to stop lying as he knows she didn’t donated any kidney to Naira. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Naira decked up as bride.

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