Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 16th August 2019 written update:- Naira comes in front of the family members

The episode begins with Manish is asking Kartik not to create any riddles and speak to the point. He asks if Kairav is your son then who is his mother? At that moment Naira enters the waiting room from the other door, she is walking towards Kartik and family members are looking into that direction to see who is this woman?

In the meantime, the lights of the room face some technical faults and start to flashing, resulting in the darkness created inside the room. Naira comes to Kartik and says I don’t want to disturb you but the doctors are saying that Kairav may need blood and as your blood group matches with him so you have to be ready for it. She is about to turn when she locates the deflection of the family members on window glass and gets shocked. She was about to go from there but Kartik holds her hand and asks her where she is going?

He stops Naira and says that till now the darkness you kept over the reality today that will come out in the open in this room and he turned her around. The lights came and the family members get shocked to see that Naira is standing live and fit and fine in front of them. She is standing lowers her gaze and crying while the family members can’t believe their eyes and Kartik says that Kairav is my son and his mother is none other than my wife Naira.

On the other side, the doctors are checking Kairav before taking him to the OT and he asked the lady doctor that if there is so much space in peoples tummy? The doctor says yes there is so much space that is why fruit, chocolate, food and all the things we eat can easily get store there.

Kairav asks if it is possible to store a genie in his tummy? So that he can fulfill his wish always through him. He further says that he wants to see his father and mother together but whenever he gets his father then his mother goes absent and vice-versa, but he wants both of them by his side in a single house with a big family of his father.

Badi Dadi comes forward towards Naira and before she can speak anything Badi Dadi slaps Naira hard. Everybody was taken aback with this when Naksh also comes to Naira and ask her how dare she does such a thing? Everyone starts to scold Naira for being so cold-hearted and ignorant to their pains and sufferings for all these long 5 years.

Swarna comes in fore and says that from the day Akshara hands over your responsibility to me I tried my best to be your mother and treat you like my own daughter. Then why did you punish me and the entire family ? for what? Naira keeps on crying and she doesn’t have an answer to anybody is a question.

At the last Kartik finally, speak up in favor of Naira and says that somewhere somehow I am an indirect reason for Naira to go aloof from us. Everyone looks in shock towards Kartik when he says that he asks Naira a very controversial and defaming question about her love and character.

Manish gets angry on Kartik and says I am ashamed of your thinking, this is how one should talk to their wife? Swarna says that we are blaming Naira all this while whereas the main fault lies in you Kartik. Naksh says Kartik asks such a question fine? but what about the rest of the family if your in-laws are not supporting you feel, then you can come to us your maternal family we will be there for your support but why did you leave us?

Suhasini says if Kartik has asked you a question you could have come to us, we will support you and we will punish Kartik. But living the entire family and moreover keeping our own child away from us is not a correct thing to do. If Kartik is wrong then you are more wrong than him in this matter. God will never forgive you for this sin of yours.

Naira gets a message that Kairav is being taken to the OT and she has to be there with him. She says I am not able to give you any answers of justification right now as Kairav matters to me the most. Hence I have to go and be with him Kartik also follows her. They both reached the front of the operation theatre door where Kairav is also taken through a stretcher and he gets happy to see his mum and dad are standing beside him.

Precap – Vedika comes at the hospital, Kartik wants Naira that if anything happens to his child she will see an unlikely form of Kartik.