Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th January 2020 Written Update: Vedika exits from Kaira’s life!


Today’s episode starts with Naira tells to Goenka’s that Vedika hasn’t given kidney to her. Goenka’s stands shocked. Kartik shows the sonography report to Vedika and all and tells them that the reports are clearly showing that Vedika’s both the kidneys are fine. Naira shows the handwritten letter of Umesh Gupta where he has mentioned that he has given his one kidney to Naira. Manish asks but why Umesh will give his kidney to Naira. Naira says for money.

Ahead, Kartik and Naira in the flashback is shown learning Vedika’s truth. Kartik over hears Pallavi and Vedika’s talk thus doubted him. Kartik after the leaning the whole truth from Naira decided to avenge Vedika but Naira stops him.

Back to reality; Kartik tells to Vedika that she has already signed divorce agreement. Naira says to Vedika that she is not bad at heart it’s just she is insecure of her future. Vedika realizes her mistake. She asks Kaira and Goenka’s to give her the punishment. Kartik and Naira says she shouldn’t feel guilty as they have no problem with her.

Suhasini asks Vedika to leave behind her past and go from Kartik and Naira’s life forever. She suggests Vedika to start afresh life. Vedika meets everyone. She handovers her mangalsutra to Naira and blesses the jodi of Kartik and Naira. Kartik says they will always be friend with each other.

Kairav gets happy praying in front of God that today Kartik and Naira is getting married. Naira gets ready. Suhasini worries for the marriage. Kartik and Naira happily dances thinking they are finally getting married.

There, Surekha gets happy thinking Luv and Khush are going to come back together. Here, Manish, Naksh, Samarth talks with each other. Other side, monkey eats the food at the stall and Suhasini, Surekha, Naksh and others gets worried. Here, Kartik and Naira stands shocked seeing something.

Precap: Kartik and Naira reaches the temple for the marriage.

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