Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 17th August 2019 written update:- Kairav is taken inside for operation

The episode gets starts with Liza is asking Naira that she is going to church to pray for Kairav and she will be there until the operation gets over. Kartik thanks her and she leaves. Kartik asks Kairav if he is scared, Kairav says no and then asks nut why are you asking me this? Are you again going somewhere? Kartik says no dear where will I go? I am here and Naira also says where will Kairav’s parents go leaving him? They are here always with him. Sister is about to take him inside when he calls out for Kartik and says see that child thief aunty and the other aunty is also there.

Suhasini and the entire family gets emotional seeing them. Kairav asks Gayu isn’t Vansh came with them, she nods in negative when Suhashini comes and hugs Kairav. Kairav says oh you child thief aunty you are so heavy so don’t hug me like this, I will get crushed. All smiles and Suhashini says ok sorry, but do you know how I am related to you?

All the family members start to pray for Kairav and nurse comes with a concern form and asks Naira and Kartik to sign it as consent of not doing anything against the hospital if something happens to the patient. Naira and Kartik sign it somehow and Kartik says I can’t see this at all and he goes out. Gayu says where is Kartik going now? he should be here. Samarth says he maybe can’t see his kid like this that is why behaving in this way, don’t worry we are here for Kairav.

Inside the OT, Kairav says I want to go to my parents, Pallavi says you can’t go anywhere now as we have to start our work. He says but my parents will be with me right? Pallavi says yes your parents will be with you all the time ok? Now close your eyes as we have to proceed with our work. The doc gives him local anesthesia but Kairav says if talking about death is a bad thing? My mom says I shouldn’t say so but I heard one person was saying in the church that his brother died in hospital. Maybe I can die as well? If so then please tell my father to be with my mother always. If he doesn’t stay with her, she gets so sad and upset and slowly dozes off.

Pallavi comes out and asks Naira to stand outside of the ward as Kairav wants it, Naira goes to call Kartik. Swarna asks Pallavi what is the matter? Pallavi says everything is under control and asks about Vedika and shows concern for her.

Here Akhilesh is on a call with Surekha when she says she heard about Naira being alive and asks how come she hides herself and the kid from her husband and family for all these years. Akhilesh says I will talk to you later the surgery will start in a minute.

A servant in the Goenka house informs Surekha that Vedika went out of the house driving herself and she has no idea where she is.

Naira goes to see Kartik and thinks he must be upset to see his kid like this, after all, who would like to see his child like this? She thinks but he has to agree for Kairav, we will be there together and become each other’s strength. She spots Kartik on a bench and is about to call him when she notices Vedika is sitting beside him and telling him she is aware of everything and she can understand what is Kartik going through?

Naira is taking her steps back when she notices Vedika has her nuptial chain and vermillion and she is married now.

Naira gets shocked and Vedika says to Kartik today we got married and you get such a shock that a kid with whom you feel such a strange connection is your own son. They notice Naira there who are standing all shaken and all of them becomes numb. Manish here gets angry on media people for bothering him and shares with Swarna that how much he is angry on Naira and how she always caused them issues. Swarna tries to make him understand Naira’s state but he is not ready to listen and go from there.

Kartik introduces Vedika to Naira as his wife and says we got married a few hours ago and also introduces Naira as his ex-wife.

Naira keeps mum and says she just came here to inform that doc is asking them to come and as parents, they can see the surgery of Kairav so if you want to come, you can come. She left and Kartik also runs behind her and Suhashini watches all these from a distance. Naira silently enters the OT room along with Kartik for Kairav’s surgery. Kartik and Naira meet Sanjeevani doctors who say they will not perform the surgery but already brief them what to do? They came inside and sees Kairav in on the bed. The doctors get ready for operation while Naira and Kartik can’t take it anymore and hugs each other in pain for their child.

Precap – The machine goes blank in the OT and Kartik and Naira gets shocked.