Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th January 2020 Written Update: Naira’s groom gets exchanged!


Today’s episode starts with Naira’s dress gets stuck in bolt and she pleads to bolt to leave her dress else it will tear. There, Kartik’s dress gets scratch. At temple, Suhasini, Manish and others asks the temple priest why he didn’t told them that animals easily enter the temple. Priest showed them a notice and tells them that they have already written the note.

Other side, Kartik asks his driver to drive him fast to the dress shop as he has to purchase the new dress. Here, Naira along with Gayatri leaves for temple. At temple, Naksh, Samarth and others decorate the temple for Kaira’s marriage.

Afterwards, Kartik meets a man at the shop who wears a same dress as Kartik. Kartik asks him not to worry as his one torn thus he is here to change it. Kartik’s driver misunderstands the other man as Kartik and drives him to the temple.

Everyone waits for Kaira. Naira comes and Kairav gets happy seeing her. Here, other man reaches the temple in place of Kartik. Other side, Kartik gets locked in the washroom. Meanwhile, Goenka’s and others praises Kaira. The unknown man thinks his wife’s family is so sweet.

Other side, Kartik decides to escape from the washroom. There, Surekha gets happily excited to welcome Luv and Khush. Here, Kartik struggles to reach the temple.

Naira wonders why Kartik is so silent and decides to talk with him after wedding rounds. Kartik runs towards the temple.

Afterwards, Goenka’s along with Kartik and Naira dances at the temple. While, Suhasini touch with the unknown person and feels strange. Ahead, Priest asks Kartik and Naira to exchange vermillion. Further all gets shocked seeing someone else standing instead of Kartik at groom’s place.

Next Week: Kartik struggles to reach Naira. At temple, Naira inquires the person and asks him to tell where is Kartik.

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