Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 17th October 2019 Written update: Naira’s decision leaves Kartik speechless

Episode begins with Dadi praying for Naira in front of god and request god to not give anymore miseries to Naira. she already faced so many miseries. Other side Kairav bought some flowers and thinks if he give flowers to dadi she will be happy and makes ladoos for him.

Dadi says everyone is gunegaar in Naira case but Here all are making it like she is guilty of mistake she never done. Karthik says he loves Naira immensely but he also didn’t understand Naira pain in the past and present. Its painful for Naira when Kartik questioned that question. Why can’t Kartik understands she is hiding things for everyone good. Why to drag her to court for Kairav custody and making her condition miserable with those questions.

Kairav overhears dadi words and thinks why papa is making mum sad. He throws flowers and went to Naira room but hides behind curtain watching Naira and Naksh convo.

Naira says thanks to Naksh for always supporting her and she feels sad for badi dadi and choti dadi. Naksh says whatever happened in today hearing is not good and Kartik is wrong to question you those things. Naira says whatever happened is happened we can’t change it so leave that matter. Naksh says you’re really great Naira after bearing so much torture still youre not blaming anyone. Naira says Kairav must not know this issue between me and Kartik. Hearing Naira words Kairav left that place

Vedika plans to reveal her past to Kartik and family but seeing sad condition of family she thinks something happened in court so it’s not the correct time

Naira prepares food while thinking about Damini words in the court. Naksh thinks she keeps herself busy to forget the problem . Naksh informs to Naira still case in their hands and Mr Kumar informs tomorrow is next hearing and they must attend to court before 8. Naksh says no one can separate Kairav from you and this is my promise

Kairav calls Krish and asks him whether he got to know the meaning of Taskadi. But he says their is no such word according to our teacher maybe that word is custody than Kairav ask yes it’s custody what’s the meaning of it than Krish Explains it’s like our dolls in our custody and cut the call saying he have so much homework to complete. Kairav thinks for which doll their parents are fighting

Naira enters to Kairav room with cupcakes to surprise him and he is happy seeing his mum and asks her whether she is happy or not. Naira says she is happy and Kairav and Naira feed cupcake to each other and Naira hugs him and thinks she will protects him

Kartik enters Naira room through window and observes her packing of luggage than he confront Naira and questions her why she is running from home again and warns her she can go anywhere but she don’t have right to take his child
Naira retorts saying child belongs to her than Karthik says Kaira belongs to both of us but than they started fighting for Kairav and Kairav wake-up and blames them bad and runs away from them .while running he fell from steps and than Kartik wakes up from his dream and panics thinking about Kairav safety

Kartik calls Naira and he is impatient because Naira is not attending his call. While he thought to break his cell than he receives call from Naira and he asks her why she is not attending his calls. Naira mentions phone is on silent mode and she didn’t ran with his child and she asks him to meet her in garden but he denies to meet her but Naira says meet her otherwise he gonna regret his decision.

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Next day Naira’s waiting for Kartik in the Garden and than she gets call from Lisa. Lisa asks her to inform everything to Kartik so he will understand but Naira says she don’t want Lawyers and court to enter in their family secrets and she just wish for Kairav happiness and Naira asks Lisa to pray for Kairav happiness

Vedika overhears dadi convo why Naira is not ready to allow Kartik in Kairav life and Vedika thinks it’s because of her and while family is suffering. Later she got call from unknown number again and she panics seeing Vidu call and than she will get message from Vidu saying he is going to meet her and happy to see her in the same city

Naira says Kairav can stay with Kartik and ask him to get complete custody of Kairav. Kartik gets shocked. Naira asks to end this court case because lawyers are noone to decide their child life and it’s our right to decide where will our child stay and whom he will meet and etc. She will meet Kairav in their house and she don’t want Kairav to know his parents are fighting over his custody and she don’t want break Kairav imagination of his perfect family. She mentions she will meet Kairav whenever he want to meet her and won’t involve in Kartik personal space

After hearing everything Kartik questions Naira if she loves him so much than why she wants to abort him. Naira asks Kartik to inform everyone he got the custody and case is dismissed without answering Kartik question

Recap: Damini accuses Naira is not good mother and she is not even good human being and these words infuriates Kartik and he shouts on Damini how dare can she talk like this about his Naira. Naira gets shocked listening his word for her.