Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 17th September 2019 written update: Akhilesh blurts out his truth in front of everybody

The episode begins with Karthik is texting Naira about the whole development. He says that he is unable to talk to her that time due to interruptions and ask if she has thought about any further proceedings regarding this matter. Naira says she hasn’t thought about anything as of now but she will try to find a way out. Kartik suddenly noticed that Vedika is standing there with a cup of tea in hand. She tries to be normal with him but noticed that he is so invested in the mobile and texting. She asked him to get ready as they have to leave to bring Ganapati idol. Kartik says to give in 5 minutes and he will be there when Vedika noticed that he is texting with Naira.

Vansh and Kairav are going with each other that who will be Ganapati this year in the house and who will Naira help? Naira comes tears and gives a solution that Ganpati idol is going to come in the house so there is no need to be Ganpati but there can be Mushak, the carrier of Ganapati. They get happy and excited and Naira made them Mushak. The family members bring the idol of Ganapati home and everyone is happy the way Kairav and Vansh are celebrating it. On the other hand, Vedika is getting uneasy to see Kartik and Naira are signing each other.

They enter the house and place the idol of Ganapati inside. The priest says that he has seen so many idols and the decorations everywhere but these two mushaks are really unique. Kairav says that this is the idea of my mother and she is the best. Vedika gets annoyed to hear her praises. Kairav asks Vedika if she has brought the idol from outside? Vedika says yes when Kairav asks Naira why didn’t she made the idol this year? Suhasini asks Naira to make one idle for the sake of Kairav’s happiness. Naira says that idol made with soil will not dry up soon so I will make one with clay. She made the idol and placed it beside the big idol. Kartik comes forward and puts a veil on it. They started the veneration of Ganapati one after another. Kartik does veneration with Vansh and Kairav and Vedika gets assured that he will not do it with Naira.

Lisa text Naira to come out of the house as she is waiting but Kairav sees the message and goes out of the house to bring Lisa inside. Lisa comes in and starts to cry and hugs Surekha. Akhilesh watches this from inside and comes out and asks all not to believe her words as she is cooking up stories. He starts to say that we don’t have an affair from last 1 year and I never went to Goa to meet her. Manish comes forward and says that she doesn’t say anything but there is no need to say anything else now as we have got what is the truth? Suhasini slaps Akhilesh so many times and says how come you just and salt my upbringing and the ethics I made you learn with your such acts. You just made me feel humiliated in front of everybody while Naira and Kartik feel bad for Lisa and Surekha. Akhilesh cries in repentance and Surekha stands still.

Precap – Vedika catches Naira and Kartik together.