Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 18th July 2019 Written Update :- Naira decides not to go to Udaipur

The episode starts with Naira dances and remembers the events. Kairav catches his mother dancing and feels she must be very happy that’s why she is dancing or else she does yoga all the time. He records her dance and sent the clip to Kartik. Here Vedike comes to Kartik room for calling him. She informs him that the marriage date is scheduled after 15 days. You can inform him that you need some time.

Here Kairav scolds Naira for hurting her leg and says my father told me to take care of you. If you continue to get hurt then he will scold me only. Kartik comes in the hall and sees Naira illusion everywhere. He sees her asking him if he is getting married?

Kartik stops at the doorstep of his grandmother’s room and watches her excitement regarding his wedding and thinks. Dadi keeps on talking about jewelry and other things when she notices Kartik. Kartik asks her to take rest so that she can get fit within 15 days. Vedika feels sad seeing him agree for this. Kartik comes to Vedika and assures her that he will try his best to make the marriage successful.

Here Naira takes out the wedding picture she has with her along with Kairav as a sign of Kartik’s love. She says I am freeing you from this relationship and now you can move on in life as well.

Vansh tells Samar that today there is a football match in his school where he scored two goals and then he gets hurt. Samar compliments him, he says dad I am saying you I got hurt and you are saying very good. Samar scolds him for disturbing him while he is engrossed in work. Kartik comes there and Vansh goes to him. Kartik asks him about his match and also sees his wound. Gayu confronts Samar for his cold behavior towards Vansh and her. She claims that Samar accepted Vansh on his own will, none forced him then why he is showing them his back now. He went out of the house and says I will not be available for dinner so don’t wait for me. Gayu feels upset while Swarna watches the whole thing from a distance.

Here Naira decides to take part in the dance competition for giving Kairav a good future ahead. She decides to dedicate herself for the well-being of her son. Kairav calls Kartik but he doesn’t pick up for the promise made to Naira. Kairav gets upset on this.

Kartik talks with the workers of Akshara dance academy recruitment and says he wants the best teachers, best faculty for this. He misses Naira and thinks she will be so happy if she comes to know about the drive. Later it is revealed to be the same audition for which Naira is preparing herself.

Vedika is crying while gardening when Badi dadi asks her the reason. She says she is missing her father so much that his last wish was to see her being settled in life and get a partner. She says I have lost my mother already and now my father is also gone, I have no family left for me. Badi Dadi says we can be Naira’s family but we will be your paternal side. We will represent ourselves as your family. Vedika cries and hugs her in happiness while Kartik watches them.

Precap: All are dancing and enjoying for Kartik marriage, Swarna tries to make Kartik understand. Here Naira misses Kartik and cries.