Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 18th October 2019 Written update: Naira breaksdown hearing Kartik statement

Episode begins with Driver informing Kartik about his family is waiting for him for today court hearing. Naira says what’s the need of court when she is Ready to handover Custody of Kairav to him. Kartik says now case is in court so it’s needed to attend the case and court will decide who will take Kairav custody and that’s important. Naira gets shocked hearing Kartik words.Kartik left the place while reminiscing his moments with Kairav.

Damini says to her assistant yesterday she just showed the trailer and now she is going to show the complete film. Assistant says but mam until now no one came to court for today hearing. At that time Kartik enters the place. Damini asks him why he didn’t bought any sweets for his victory. Kartik asks her to end this case in today hearing than Damini assures today will be end and judgement will be in their favour. Kartik says we can see who will win this case in the court but please don’t misbehave with Naira. Damini gets shocked. Kartik says something to Damini.

Naksh and Naira observes them from upstairs. Naksh says see this Naira you already taken big step and informed everything to him still
Kartik wants this case and he is still in fighting mood. Don’t know what’s is Kartik explaining to his lawyer. Kairav is your kid Naira. More than anyone you have more rights on him. Naira says her decision is final and she can’t back out from her decision. Naksh asks her to think in practical manner leaving her emotional side but Naira says emotions are part of Relations. Naksh asks than why she is not getting any emotional support from Kartik. Naira says everything is fair in Kartik love for his kid.

Court hearing starts with Mr Kumar conveying apologies for Naira previous hearing behaviour. Naira says sorry to judge from her side. Damini says to Kartik it’s the last chance for him to get Kairav and if he lost this chance than its like loosing his chances forever.

Damini asks permission from judge to continue her previous day’s interrogation. She got approval and than she says to Naira she again proved she plays victim card and runs from situations. Naira family members and Kartik felt bad hearing Damini words for Naira. Damini says Naira is careless mother that’s why Kairav ran away from his home in multiple times and calls his father and met him outside without her knowledge and later Kartik used to drop him at home am I right Naira.

Damini says Kartik used to support Naira in every situation but what she returns him betrayal,tears and Guilt. Damini says you are not a good person so tough to say you’re good wife and mom. Kartik shouts enough. just shut up, how dare you say anything about my Naira. Happy tears in Naira eyes listening his words. More Saiya version play in the background.

Judge asks Damini to explain his client how to behave in court. Kartik conveys his apologies and wants to convey something court. Judge ask him to give his statement in victim box.

Vansh asks Kairav why he looks so sad. Kairav explains his parents are fighting over something. Vansh explains his parents also fight without his knowledge but he saw them. Kairav says parents always says fights are not good but they themselves are fighting keeping their words aside. Vansh says he never fight with his wife. Vansh says they have so much time for marriage so think about current problem. Vansh consoles Kairav giving brotherly hug. Kairav says Naira and everyone is sad because of Kartik. Vansh explains these days Kartik also sad but Kairav says he won’t forgive his dad if he makes his mum sad again.

Kartik says Naira is not bad mother . You guys don’t know her personally so you don’t know but the people who knows her personally can easily say she is good daughter, good bahu and good mom. And Kartik says his Kairav is lucky to have mom like Naira. Kartik apologies to Naira for his previous behaviour and he explains he sometimes lost his cool. Naira is emotional listening his words. Kartik explains to court those issues are personal and he don’t want to involve court in their personal problems.

Kartik says to court he can’t bear if someone mistreat Naira and he met his child for few days but he got attached with him so much and I can’t even best the thought of stating away from him than think about Naira condition it will be so painful for her because she is with him always. Kartik says Naira fulfilled the duty of mom and dad to Kairav 24/7. Kartik explains to court he just lodged complaint against her because of his blind ego when she stops him to meet his kid. I’m just thinking about myself but Naira thinks about her child and praises her heart making family members emotional.

Kartik says Naira is ready to Hanover Custody right to him. She is always good mom and he blames himself as bad dad. Until Naira explains how it affects Kairav until than I didn’t realised. Kartik says he explains Damini to withdraw this case but still she accusing Naira and he can’t handle it. Kartik request court to handover sole custody of Kairav to Naira.

Kartik says abortion may be last option otherwise Naira will never take that type of decision. Than Naira expresses her tough time in past. How Doctors informed her she needs to abort because baby is not growing and test reports also negative indicating baby can be abnormal. She tried to take other doctors opinions but everything is negative that’s how she enrolled for Abortion but later she can’t proceed with this process thinking about her unborn kid.

Precap: Kairav thinks Kartik is making his mum sad.