Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 18th September 2019 written update: Naira and Kartik gets a good news

Episode begins with Suhashini is slamming Akhilesh for doing such a heinous act. Surekha comes forward and pleads to him to say that all these was a lie and he has nothing to do with Lisa. She says please tell me once by looking into my eyes that you are lying and you didn’t cheat on me.

Surekha says tell me once that you didn’t cheat with your kids also. Akhilesh looks on and says I am sorry and Surekha gets unconscious. Akhilesh tries to hold her but Swarna stops him. She made Surekha sit on the sofa and tries to wake her up. Gayu also comes and sits besides Surekha. Suhashini asks Akhilesh to leave the house as soon as possible. Akhileash pleads not to do this but Suhashini is hurt and adamant. Swarna says that you not only hurt your wife but the entire family. You didn’t even think about your kids and played with the emotions of two women. Don’t you have any respect for women in your heart? Akhilesh tries to give justifications for his act when Suhasini ask him to shut up. She holds his hand and drags him to the main door and pushed him out. She warns him that if he ever tries to come back then he will see her dead.

Akhilesh gets upset and leaves from the house, Suhasini feels broken Samarth runs to her to handle her. Samarth ask Kartik if he is a bad about the fact from earlier? Kartik says I got to know yesterday only. First Naira got to know and then she informed me about the same. Naira says that when I got to know I was sceptical about informing the family we are really not able to figure out how to to let you people know about all this and Kartik is worried about Surekha aunty. Suhashini comes forward and says to Naira whatever you did is right for the family and cries and Naira takes her inside. Vedika recalls the whole thing in her mind and concludes the thing. She wanders bye don’t Karthik discloses to her the entire matter?
Naira comes to Vedika and tries to say that Suhashini is not well and she should call a doctor. then she controlled herself and say that it is your family and I have no right to advise you but still what I felt right I just said to you. Vedika indirectly tells Naira that the situation and circumstances of this house is not good for anyone health so she should take away Kairav from all these tensions and leave the city so that it doesn’t affect his health. Naira says that she is understanding what she is trying to say.

Naira comes up States when Kartik ask her to stop but she didn’t due to Vedika. Kartik comes in front of her and takes her in his room to check the reports of Kairav. Naira suddenly becomes irritating and tells Kartik that your wi-fi is useless and that is why it is taking so much time to download a report. Kartik says my wifi is perfectly fine, it is the hospital site that is slow.

Finally the report gets downloaded and Kartik and Naira is happy to see the reports of Kairav is perfectly fine and now completely healthy. They rejoiced in happiness when Kartik says that he wants to tell the entire family about it and will throw a party. Naira told him that the situation of this house is not much in favour to do all this. you will definitely do something big for his son and she has no right to stop him hence she should join him instead.

Precap – Naira and Vedika gets into a tiff.